Oral Sex Questions for Women

Do like like it when a guy going down on you also licks your asshole? How about a finger up your asshole? How about a finger just rubbing your asshole?

Just experiment, and don’t make the forum retarded.

None of those things have ever happened, but you can draw your own conclusions about my reaction from this statement: Lips that touch anus will never touch mine.

The anus is not something that I want used during sex of any kind.

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You do realize that Women are not some monolithic entity? There are some who like it. This one, though, would kick you across the room if you tried it.

It is important to remember that the anus is an exit, not an entrance.

I disagree with most everyone who’s posted so far ! feeling a bit self-conscious, but …

While all women are certainly different, for this woman (and many others), it can be quite nice. Start slooooooow and gentle though. Maybe a caress with your finger (add some lube) and if that goes well for a while, maybe insertion, maybe rimming … dunno, it depends so much on the situation, but for many of us - WOW !

I don’t want to be “penetrated” down there, but I do like the licking and the occasional finger. As far as the “lips that touch anus will never touch mine” comment, I don’t see the problem unless the guy is actually putting his tongue in the hole. If he’s just playing around the area it’s no big deal to me. I wash thoroughly every time I am about to have sex.

You might want to, er, bring it up in conversation first, you know, “Do you have any pets?” “Do you go to church?” “Do you like to cook?” “How do you feel about rimjobs?” I think most women would rather not be surprised by it.

I completely agree with Indygrrrl … it is definitely an erogenous zone …

One has to be aware of basic hygiene “rules” however … something that goes in the ‘back’ should not be put in the ‘front’ afterwards. There needs to be a step of cleansing first - otherwise nasty bacteria can be introduced into a very delicate area!

No to all of them. I’ve had to stop my boyfriends wondering hands on several occasions. It’s just not something I like.

For those who subscribe to the “lips that touch anus…” school of thought, some food for thought:

The entire region, front and back, is crawling with all the exact same coloform bacteria, even after bathing/showering/etc. That’s why you’re obligated to wash your hands after using the bathroom.

So, unless you’re gonna bathe in listerine, or your guy goes digging for ore with his lips, then if he puts them anywhere down there, it’s virtually the same as him putting them “back there.”

So… just lay back and let him play, and don’t worry about anything but how it feels.

Actually, <b>bughunter</b>, even doctors will tell you to never have vaginal intercourse after anal intercourse without first washing with soap.

And yes, I’m in the boat with the majority so far. Touch my ass, you’re likely to get hit out shock and and get a look of digust. (Don’t worry, I’ve tried, I’m not just being all judgemental without experience.) :wink:

I just wanted to come here to say you’re all (well most of you :)) damn fools who don’t know what your missing.

And, obviously, vote yes for the arse as an erogenous zone.
(For those who voted no…well, about the penis…did you know guys PEE out of that :eek: ? Disgusting but true :smiley: .)

No one forces women to suck dick, so I wouldn’t expect any woman to demand that I lick her asshole.

:eek: Exactly where was anything of the kind suggested?

I’d give it a “thumbs up”!!


You…you…must be joking.

Runs to the bathroom

Damn, you’re right! How about that!

I’m going with the ‘no way’ camp here…