Oral sex, WTF !!!TMI!!!

Ok so the thought occured to me while i was reading the thread on where the line between third and Home plate lay and it occured to me just how bizare oral sex was.

Personally i think that blow jobs are just wierd and don’t actually feel all that good and the concept of it isn’t all that arousing.

Now i have no problem going down on a woman, as a mater of fact i think that properally done, the reaction can be better than sex and i think it’s only the proper progression before sex, something to be included into foreplay.

But i can’t wrap my mind around BJ’s My friends tell me it’s because i’ve never had one properlly done, and i will admit my experiance is limited.

What everyone elses opinions on oral sex I’d like to here from all corners of the spectrum on this one.

uh, love em. I think you’re going to be the odd duck out on this one.

Bike/cow town eh? UCD too?

Yep, can’t imagine life without em personally…best if a) not too drunk, b) recently bathed and c) not tense about it. Damn fine stress reliever.

Substitute blowjobs for “going down on a woman” and you’ve answered your own question.

In category “recently bathed” also add “if you get overwhelmed by passion in the kitchen, make sure you wash the jalapeno juice off your hands.”

Furthermore, see category “Painting is sexy but the taste of acetone transfers from skin to skin and doesn’t come off without a good hard scrubbing.”

Seriously, though–

If I were dating someone who told me this, I’d take it for the truth. My stellar technique isn’t going to overcome “weird” and “isn’t all that arousing” and frankly, I wouldn’t be comfortable doing something like that for MY benefit only. “You just haven’t had the right one yet” is most true for things like “I always thought this would be much better, and the idea is great, but the performance is awkward and unsatisfying.” Probably what I’d do instead is offer to drag out my amazin’ footrub skills and turn them into a puddle of mush THAT way.


You seem to be part of that strange school of thought which doesn’t consider Oral Sex as Sex. You know, the people who think Ellen de Generes and George Michael are virgins?

For Hispanics, Italians and I’m sure many other groups, that makes you Real, Real Weird. But hey, your flagboy is a former US President, so you certainly aren’t unique.

There ain’t enough rolleyes in the world.

Where I come from (Spain), oral sex is “after” penetration. It’s considered “advanced materials”. I know quite a few women who gave their first wifely BJ as a second anniversary present; the first 69 would usually happen in six months to a year. Quite a few: over a dozen, and I don’t talk sex at this level with every woman I know, ok? I also know about as many who never gave or received oral sex in over 20 years of marriage and one who gave and received on her wedding night (which was also her first penetration but not his).

I think you may be forgetting one thing - for many women (or head-givers, whatever the gender) it can be an incredible turn-on to give a blowjob. I know that’s the fact with the woman I’m seeing - she absolutely loves it.

So who am I to complain? :slight_smile:

And it works both ways - I find going down on a woman just plain hot.

Personally I think that oral sex is actually more intimate/trusting than regular intercourse.

I think Ellen & George have both had hetero sex…

but not with each other. :smiley:

yea davis, although thats gonna change soon.
Oh I’ve known for quite some time, thanks to the polite insistance of my friends, that i am “a very strange Duck.”

But honostly I’m still open to the idea of it Oral sex being done too me, The two things that make me see it as weird are the facts that there isn’t too much i can do while recieving. That makes me kind of fidgetty because personally, as i sat often, the best sex that can ever be had is when both parties are 100% focused on the others pleasure with no thought for their own.

The other reason is that yes the people from whom i’ve recieved from were both not very good. (Hey i may not like them but i understand the theory behind them very well.) One was just someone who couldn’t be discribed as anything other than incompitent and the other didn’t grasp the concept of taking time with whatever it is you do.

So yeah I think its strange, but thats just because my own philosophy find that lying, or sitting, while the other person does all the work seems very lazy and unfair. Now if the person LIKED giving head, and i seem to know a dissproportionate number who do, then who am i, or any other male for that matter, to deny her her pleasure especially with the chance i’ll get something out of it too.

I’ve had GFs who didn’t know how to give a good blowjob… one of them eventually became quite good at it… mostly because she enjoyed doing it so much… and the other I used NUTELLA. Yep… licking/sucking off Nutella makes any woman a great blowjober. Just put a bit and spread…

I definatly agree with this - with regular intercourse, a man doen’t have to worry about there being any teeth involved - baring the very rare case of vaginal dentata. :eek: :smiley:

That is why I tell my friends that are psychologists that they will never lack clients !

Well, I don’t really like cunnilingus all the time, so I sympathize. It has to be done just right, and only at certain times, not all the time. I can understand…I think you just need to find someone who’s a) really good at blowjobs, and b) willing to accomodate you whenever you ARE in the mood.

In general, a blow job is always an acceptable offering. You’ve heard the expression that “there’s no such thing as a bad blow job”?

Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

Done poorly it’s almost excruciating. She’s got WANT to be doing, you’ve got to LOVE having it done, and she’s got to be able to know or learn what you like or else you might as well fall asleep in front of the cat with tuna plastered on the old boy.

Agree with the OP and then some. Even the passing thought of someone putting my parts in their mouth is enough of a turnoff to bring things to a halt for awhile. I really don’t like mouths that much. Kissing = OK (but even there I’m not into that deep-tongue thing, yecch!). Oral sex? Geccch!

Ya know, guys who don’t like blowjobs are kind of like Sasquatch . . . you hear about them occasionally, but you never expect to actually meet one! :slight_smile:

Personally, I’ve never had a BJ I didn’t enjoy. Some were much, MUCH better than others, but none were bad.

Of course, I might be exaggerating the memory a bit, since I haven’t received one in about seven years or so. :frowning:

I can think of plenty of things…

I’m sure many people can, nobody feels like sharing, and i can’t think of any (this being a very rare thing for me not to be able to find something to do with my hands :smiley:

I think of it this way, a bad blowjob is still better than having to do it yourself. :slight_smile: A good blowjob can be better than sex. Great sex, however is nigh untoppable. Maybe you just need to relax and enjoy it more. It sounds like you are too worried about finding something to “do” or to reciprocate. Just enjoy the ride as it were. You can return the favor later.

Ummm… (.) (.)

…Or are your arms unusually short?