Ordway Theater, MN seating?

I am going to try to get some Spamalot tickets at the Ordway. I have never been there, are there any seats I should avoid, or any that are a better value than others?

Yes, I know it is almost sold out, but humor me, please. I can look at the seating charts, but what I am looking for are opinions from people that have been there. Am I better off getting seats on the orchestra level, or a gallery box?
Anything else I should be aware of?

It isn’t a huge theatre and its fairly well laid out. As close to the front and center as you can get.

Whatever you do, don’t bring long legs. The seats are notoriously small and a lack of leg room. The front row balcony seats are a bit worse as the foot room seems to be less. I think they have standing room for the show too. (Also, there’s tctix which MAY have last minute cheap seats, but may not, so don’t put your eggs into that basket).

Thank you for your replies. Now let’s see if I can get some tickets…

Picked up 2 front row balcony. Now, what is the dress code?

Yes, I am out of my depth, but it’s Monty Python.

I’ve got 4 for sale. Friday, Aug. 3rd. Orchestra Center, row V.

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I had season tickets to the SPCO years ago (before children, you don’t get to do things like the Chamber Orchestra with children). People showed up in business casual or “Sunday church clothes” for the most part - a smattering of jeans. I’d think Spamalot will be more casual than the SPCO.

Sorry sqweels, I already picked up some. Maybe post them to craigslist if you wanted to get rid of them.

Damn, those would have been great for bringing another couple of people.

Tee hee!