Oscar Predictions?

who do you think will win and who do you want to win?

anyone even care? :slight_smile:

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Though I probably shouldn’t, the movie lover in me still gives somewhat of a damn. Not that I’ll be upset if my faves don’t win. It does mean less and less to me. I’d be hard pressed to remember who won what last year.

I hope that American Beauty wins Best Picture.

I think Jim Carey got snubbed.

I’m surprised that Hilary Swank was nominated (just the Academy and their cluelessness sometimes), but I hope she wins.

The rest of the of picks for who I hope wins:

Angelina Jolie for Supporting Actress

Jude Law for Supporting Actor

Russell Crowe or Denzel for Best Actor


Spike Jonze for Being John Malkovich or Sam Mendes for American Beauty

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My oscar prediction is that a bunch of pompous, rich, arrogant Hollywood jerks will get together, give each other ugly statues, and remind each other of how great they are.
I can GUARANTEE this prediction will come true. I have inside information, ya know?

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I don’t watch enough movies, so I’m just going to agree with the self-made critic. www.brunching.com/selfmade/selfmade-oscars2000.html

[qoute]I’m surprised that Hilary Swank was nominated (just the Academy and their cluelessness sometimes), but I hope she wins.

Crackwise, I’m with you. Boys Don’t Cry is definitely not your standard Hollywood fanfare, so I didn’t even expect them to look at it. But her performance has to be one of the best performances I ever seen. Though, intellectually, I knew it was a girl, and in spite of the violence that befell her near the end, I still perceived her character as a boy. She definitely deserves accolades for that performance.

I highly recommend the movie, but it’s not for everyone. I’ve heard that a number of people left the theater because they were turned off by the content. Maybe people should do just a little research before going to a movie, say… like… find out what it’s about.

Mmm, sure…listen…
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The Oscars are my Superbowl.

I predict:

Best Picture: American Beauty (haven’t seen it yet, though)

Best Actor: Kevin Spacey (I adore him)

Best Actress: Hillary Swank (haven’t seen the movie yet)

Best Supporting Actor: Haley Joel Osment (I love that kid)

Best Supporting Actress: Chloe Sevigny

Of all the nominated actors whose work I know, I like them all a lot. I have yet to see three of the nominated Best Picture nominees, but I’ll try to get it done before the big night.

I am still miffed that Anna and the King didn’t get nominated. I thought it was a fine film and Jodi Foster was exceptional.

I really try to be good but it just isn’t in my nature!

Ditto what Neutron Star said, but if I had to pick…

The Matrix for best movie(or was that last year?).

This may just be a sign that I’m turning into a bitter depressed ol’ fart, but frankly I don’t care any more - much. There are no stars any more, there are flavors of the month, all the women are anorectic little brown hamsters, nothing to tell any of them apart. They all show up in expensive gowns and jewelry, again all looking more or less alike, no one even bothers to show up in something goofy, like Cher or Kim Bassinger used to. Hollywood has been invaded by a virus of good taste in the last few years, sad to say. But I’ll watch on TV, hoping for a dance number with lots of boy dancers picking up some woman and carrying her around on their shoulders! I am hopeful for Kevin Spacey for best actor, and Hillary Swank for best actress.

Heres my Oscar predictions…

It will last like four hours…

It will be boring…

I will be busy getting laid while it is on…

Because HBO is free that weekend! :smiley:


What does the cost of HBO have to do with you getting laid?

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