Oscar watch-along thread

Mods, if I somehow missed another thread, by all means merge this.

Meanwhile: Keanu, eat a cheeseburger and shave.

Suzy Amis looks cadaverous. It’s genuinely scary. Yikes.

As I do every year, I’ve taken tomorrow off and got lots of beer and food in. Gonna be a late night for me as it’s already 01:05 here.

Looking forward to see how Steve and Alec do.

One of the most fun Oscars I saw was when I was living in the UK, since there was commentary during the commercial breaks instead of the irritating US ads. And no stupid voiceovers.

And Miley Cyrus: stand up straight!

Sky Movies does it now so there are some breaks but they still do the back to the studio thing during the numerous breaks for the US market. Not as good as when the Beeb did it but still quite an entertaining addition.

Is that Kathy Ireland doing interviews? She seems so nervous and awkward.

I think I’ll watch Amazing Race until 8:30.

I’m here for this one.


I just want to be the first one to say that Steve & Alec were AWFUL hosts. So unfunny…what were they thinking???

Okay, seriously. Do you have to say the full title for Precious every single time?

Grrrr, guess it was too much to hope for getting through the night without hearing from a Twilight douchebag (yes, yes, I’m sure he’s a nice person)

Who, Robert Pattinson? (Sorry, I’m not watching the Oscars :() If it helps, he hates the rabid fandom as much as any sane person, but it’s making too much money for him to ignore it.

When he was on The Daily Show this past week, the number of shrieking girls in the audience scared the hell out of Jon Stewart.

Annoyed I just started working 7-4 and have a bit of a migraine still, won’t be up late enough to see most of the awards I really care about.

Ooh NPH. Didn’t know he was gonna be in this.

Is every commercial going to be a movie ad? I admit I haven’t watched the Oscars in several years … since Jon Stewart hosted, maybe?

Kathy Ireland rushed every single person she talked to.

Is this the Tony’s :smiley:

Taylor Lautner was interviewed for a minute on the pre-show. He’s the werewolf one.

I love this!

Go Doogie!

Whew! Saw that introduction joke coming from a light year away.

Okay,“damn/dame Helen Mirran” did get a pretty big laugh from me.

As did the Precious video game joke.

I bet nobody in that film got his The Jerk reference…

The Helen Mirren joke was funny.

Actually one of the woman beside Gabourey got it. She pointed at Steve and said something like ‘yes you did’ while laughing.

I’m liking this opening.

I actually thought Baldwin and Martin were pretty stiff together. They don’t seem to have a lot of chemistry on stage.