Other ways of saying "Friends with benefits"

What are some other forms of saying “friends with benefits”? The only other one I can think of is “fuck buddies”.

Why? Just curious.

bedbuddies, fuck-friends


A guy I used to be…friends with used the term “comrades”.

My regular.

I’ve heard “um-friend,” as in, “And this is ______, my um… friend.”

Booty call.

the obvious acronym, FWB, as in “I’m going to go see my FWB tonight”

What happened to “he/she’s screwing her/him”? Or do you want something usable amongst more than 2 people at a time?

I want euphemisms.

When your example was “fuckbuddies”, if you want euphemisms you better ask upfront. :dubious: Unfortunately, I don’t know any. (I also don’t know any fuckbuddies, or at least none who care to reveal themselves to me.)

I just call them “friend”. No reason to announce who’s sleeping with who.

Yeah, I’d go with fuck buddies.

(link is mildly NSFW is swear words in large text isn’t safe for your work)

“Lovers” pretty much sums it up, does it not? I always thought that word meant you were having sex, and not necessarily in love.

Cum chums

Stop pointing out the dumbnity of my wordifications.

Occasional lovers, maybe? Occasional companions?

I have a friend (no, not that sort of friend) who calls this behaviour CSBF - casual sex between friends. Not quite a euphimism, but close.

not exactly the same thing,–
but I once knew a family who referred to their daughter’s boyfriend (living together, but not married) as a “friend-in-law”