Overlord PC/Xbox quick review

Overlord is the game where you get to play, more or less, Sauron. The Supreme Evil. The Overlord.

It’s a fun game, but awful short for what you get to do. Basically, the old Overlord is dead for some years, and well, the minions need a replacement. You’re it. They haul you out of the crypt and strap some armor on your body, then take you out-a smashing. And looting. And killing. And enslaving. And… well, you ge the picture. Along the way you can choose a mistress and enjoy upgrading your tower. More usefully, you get new minion types, upgrade your equipment, and kill off the heroes who took down the old overlord. Each hero, as you’ll soon recognize, has fallen into one of the Seven Deadly Sins and needs a good spanking… especially the Paladin (but it looks like he’s getting a lot of spankings lately.)

Upsides: Fun, get to make decisions unencumbered by heroism, just power and glory. Mass slaughters. Controlling minion like little puppets. Good and amusing voice acting, and funny little minions all over. Cartoony but effective graphics and interesting puzzles and options for customization.

Downsides: Pretty much all the promotional material is total lies. You don’t get to do much and what you do is pretty limited. Most of the “decisions” mean pretty little. The plot shows up 15 minutes before the end of the game.

All in all, a solid B effort. It’s a little on the cheap side, and I’m hoping a sequal will skmooth out the flaws and expand the core idea.

Why you sicko.

Sorry, just had to point that out. I’m a Mac user, so I read your review but have no opinions about it.

Minor spoiler, but extremely funny:

If you choose the somewhat over-organized semi-control-freak (but cute and very helpful with almost a British accent) Rose, she’ll request you come to your quarters for a very private briefing on “the finer points of being an Overlord.” Complete with “directions, flowcharts, and diagrams.” Apparently that was one interesting briefing session. And don’t get me started on the gasp Pincher Manuever.

Actually Bandit, that happens with either mistress. They just say different things. if you keep your old one, you just need to buy all the tower upgrade items first, then she will want to “see” you as well.

Oh, I know. But Rose is… so deliberately organized and control-freakish that her particular “scenario” is incredibly funny.

I played it through as 100% corrupt and 0% and I have to say I was very disappointed that the difference between the two paths was almost non-existent.

I’d rate it just a little lower then the OP but it is good solid fun I’m really really hoping for a good expansion pack or sequel to raise it to the level of Dungeon Keeper II.

That’s pretty much the same review that I read in another forum I peruse. We’re just a bunch of people that get together once a week and play video games.

We also weed out annoying kids. Life is good.

Very unique game. It’s fun for the first few hours, but then it bogs down a bit. Trying to get through that now.

Is it from the people who did Dungeon Keeper? I might check it out.

Not as far as I’m aware but it has the same spirit as Dungeon Keeper at least. The only other games by this company that I know is the Age of Wonders series which isn’t anything like Overlord.

Here’s the discussion on it from another site.