Ozark Season 4

I would have liked more denouement of them being free and not have the PI return. I liked how they had gotten rid of him by bribing him with his old job so bringing him back was pointless. I think they dragged out Ruths upcoming death way too long. Especially Camilla threatening Marty and Wendy. “Yeah, OK. We know you have them cowed. you don’t have to show every second of the process.” That time could have been better spent showing the Byrds moving into their new home in Chicago and settling down.

Disagree. He was brought back so Jonah could kill him. And it was important that it happened this way.

So much of Ozark had to do with how Wendy and Marty’s behaviors shaped families: their own, the Langmore’s, even the Navarro family. And at the end, 5 minutes to go, all those strings were wrapped up… all but one.

For until then we were not told of Jonah’s position: Was he still anti-Wendy or did he start to soften? Even in the crash scene he was unresponsive to her attempts at conversation, though they did have the group hug at the end. But we still didn’t know.

With him killing the PI that question was resolved, and another price paid:

  1. Jonah returned to the family, as Wendy wished…
  2. But at the cost of his soul, as Marty feared.

So while the timeline stuff noted above was rather silly, I do think they stuck the landing on many of the character arcs… including the kids.

Which, frankly, is a notable achievement in and of itself. Hell, there were three achievements in regards to the Byrde kids: they were rarely irritating, they had interesting storylines, and both had well-developed personalities.

Also anything happening afterwards would be completely pointless. We have zero need to see anything that happens in Chicago.

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bringing him back was pointless.

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God I hate this SW…