Paging Toronto Dopers - Mini-Dopefest lunch on Saturday?

As mentioned in this post, new Doper lindsaybluth is in town on Saturday for a quickie visit.

I’ll be playing tour guide for a bit and showing her around the Bata Shoe Museum, but it would be awesome if we could really bust out the welcome wagon and rustle up a few more Dopers for a mini-Dopefest lunch in the Yorkville area.

I’m thinking Crepes-a-GoGo would be nice, assuming it’s a smallish group?

Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

I’d love to, but alas I will be busy Saturday. :frowning:

I’m 90% in. As soon as we set on a time, I’ll be able to confirm.

Though knowing my luck, I’ll break an ankle on Saturday morning and miss it. I keep missing these things because random stuff comes up. Argh!!

Put me at 75% in–let me know the time, and I might be able to get back for work…

lindsaybluth mentioned she’d need to be back at her hotel around 3:00 to get ready for her evening plans, but has the morning and early afternoon free. The only definite plan so far seems to be the Bata Shoe Museum.

So that would probably mean lunch sometime between noon and 1pm - which leaves enough time to see the museum either before or after.

Soooo… how’s 12:30 for everyone?

We’re up to 4 people including the possibles, which can still fit into the itty-bitty space at Crepes-a-GoGo.

If we manage to end up with at least 6 definites, we’ll probably overwhelm the crepe place… in which case, I’d suggest either Vietnamese food at Pho Hung or brunch at Over Easy (both places are located on Bloor St across from the ROM). Open to suggestions if anyone has any other ideas (preferably less than $20pp)

I’m in of course! :smiley:

12:30 is good for me.

Have fun! But take a few moments to think of me hoofing furniture up stairs when you meet… snif

[sub]And I said I needed the exercise… sob [/sub]

Okay, so we’ve got three yesses, one maybe.

Lissla Lissar sends her regrets.

Roll call of other local Dopers in case anyone is vanity searching:
Ministre de l’au-dela?
Cerowyn? (or is he in Japan at the moment? I can’t remember)

Anyone else I’ve forgotten?

We’ll miss you terribly, Sunspace. But just think, this’ll be an excuse to get together and try for another Dopefest… preferably before the snow comes around again, lest we get snowed out again like last time.

I’m sorry to be so vague, but I need to be in the ‘maybe’ column. I forgot that Sat. Mme. La Ministre runs an afternoon rehearsal for ‘War & Peace’, so my presence depends on talking my 6 year old son and 9 year old daughter into trying ‘French pancakes’ (and whether you folks would find them welcome - they’re lovely and brilliant, but they do tend to take over a room as only superheroes and faery princesses can…). I won’t know for sure until tomorrow. I know, I don’t deserve the honour of your acquaintance. I hope to see y’all tomorrow.

M. Le Ministre

The “French pancakes” are available slathered in homemade Nutella (which is even better than the store-bought kind, might I add). How’s that for a bribe for the Mini Ministres?

OK, so I’ve gone ahead and made a reservation for 6 people at 12:30 tomorrow. I can always call to add a couple more to that number if there’s a sudden chorus of yesses, but I’m assuming that’ll be pretty close to the final total.

Location is Crepes-a-GoGo, 18 Yorkville Ave (just north of Yonge/Bloor).

Reservation is under Isabelle. Just look for the red crochet hat. :slight_smile:

Awesome…my second straight weekend with a crepe breakfast.

I could get used to this.

Sorry, it’s just impossible. I’m completely booked.

Have fun!

Shoot, guys, I’m really sorry–something urgent’s come up with my parents, I don’t think I can make it.

I’m really, really sorry :frowning: I hope you guys have an awesome time!

Hope things went well at the fest.

I’m done helping my friends move; there was less stuff that I expected. To my dismay, however, that stuff included one of those couches with a fold-out bed. We man-handled it out of the basement and into the truck, then up three flights of stairs at the destination. I am never going to get one of those, because they are a royal bitch and a half to move: heavy, awkward, and utterly evil. Everything else was at most annoying.

In other news, I gave them my old 1994-era PowerMac 8100/80, complete with enormous CRT monitor and accessories. And a lamp. And I offered tham my TV stand. My apartment is gradually becoming clearer, and I am making plans to redecorate.

I ache. I’m going to have a shower and some food. And then sleep or laundry, whichever comes first.

Glad you survived the move, Sunspace. :slight_smile:

I’m still full of crepes. Mmmmm… thanks to Kid_A, Le Ministre and the Mini Ministers for helping pull out the welcome wagon.

And now, I’m gonna go nap because I want to stay awake long enough to check out some of that Nuit Blanche action.

Wanted to thank all involved - Mahna Mahna, Kid_A, Le Ministre and definiely the the Mini Ministers themselves for a wonderful lunch of crepes and conversation.

Sunspace, Kythereia, and RickJay, as fate may have it, it may be sooner than later that I’ll make a triumphant return to the fair city, so I may grace you all with my presence :wink:

I had a wonderful time, definitely enjoyed the Bata Shoe Museum with Mahna. Looks like it’ll be an early night in tonight (should I not venture out on my own and check out Nuit Blanche) , so I’ll also get a chance to do some shopping at Winners and other (less pricey) shops on Bloor.

Thanks again guys - I had a blast :smiley:

It was great getting together with all of you. lindsaybluth, please do come back sometime soon! Mahna Mahna, thank you for organizing us, and really nice to meet you at last, Kid A.

Le Mini-Ministre des choses bizarre said he likes pancakes and it was nice to meet you all. La Mini-Ministre des affaires étranges said she’s happy to have found a new delicious food, and she wishes to assure everyone that they did let her Dad out of the Museum. Cheeky monkey.

Until next time, best wishes.