I hate her.

But she is incredibly hawt…

Yes, yes she is

No, no she’s not. She is at best good looking for a 45 year old. There are millions of women in the US alone that are far better looking. :confused:

I missed her on SNL, but on the campaign trail she’s so goddamn smug that it’s impossible for her to be attractive. She really thinks she’s the cat’s pajamas, and comments like the OP’s don’t help. Who cares what she looks like?

I’m right with you. I guess she’s good looking in a place where you don’t normally find good looking but I see 1000 people a day who are better looking.

Another “no” vote.

I actually find Cindy McCain hotter than Palin, and i think both of them are hotter than Michelle who always looks like shes frowning. I have no idea who Bidens wife is or where she ranks in the presidential hotness scale.

Jill Biden is the hands down winner, IMO.

Cindy McCain looks literally frigid to me, like she might shatter. Sarah Palin looks… I guess the right word is ‘course’. The kind of woman who manages to make a $2500 suit look vaguely trashy. I think Michelle Obama is gorgeous, but I concede that I’m probably influenced by both my admiration of her, and the fact that she resembles a good friend of mine.

Yes, she is hawt. No, being 45 doesn’t change that. And she did fine on the show. And her politics are EWWWWWW.

You do?!?!?! Where do you live/work? Because Palin is, in fact, hot as fuck.

I’m in Boston, and I see hundreds of women every day who are more attractive than Sarah Palin (or Cindy McCain, Jill Biden, or Michelle Obama). Where do you live that you don’t?

I think you mean “coarse”.

I’ve known classically beautiful women whose personalities made them unattractive. Sarah Palin is a nice-looking woman whose personality, apparent character and stated views make her repulsive.

Yes, I did. :smack:

Kudos to her for laughing at herself a bit. And for going along with the gags. No love lost between her and Baldwin, though. :smiley:

Loved the rap!

I thought she did very well. She showed a sense of humor, not normally a repub thing. She also is very attractive. She will be on Fox Gnus when she gets done looting Alaska.

Even if I were straight, I’d rather make love to an iguana than Cindy McCain . . . if I could tell the difference.

Was I the only one on the verge of tears from watching Jason Sudekis’ Todd Palin?

Folks: Please remember that just because something has been shown doesn’t mean everyone has seen it. Aside from east coast/west coast live TV in the US, remember that lots of people use their TiVo or DVR or whatever to record and watch later. Probably not relevant for SNL, but for some shows, they won’t be seen in the UK or Australia or wherever for months. Please be courteous about alerting others for spoilers.

Just a question, where is the spoiler in this thread? I don’t see it. Were you looking for the other thread on the SNL episode for 10-18-08?

People of voting age who can see and are curious by nature. Appearance may not be material to her qualifications, but if it were immaterial in attracting voters, she’d forgo the makeup and wear mumu’s, which are more comfortable than the suits her handlers make her wear.