Palin's daughter flips off voters

Sarah Palin was booed at a Philadelphia Flyers game. Knowing in advance that she probably would be booed, Palin (the woman who wants us to respect the privacy of her family) purposely brought her daughter Piper with her…

Apparently, Piper has learned well from her mom about how to deal with naysayers.

This picture is hilarious! How dare she? guffaw

Of course, I can’t even imagine the deafening level of outrage we’d be hearing if one of Obama’s daughters had given the bird to anyone, let alone voters. It would be all we’d hear about for days!

That looks like a fake to me. I can’t find any independent confirmation.

In fact, I’d bet my left nut that’s a fake.

The non-bird original is on the Alaska state website.

The ol’ two fingered salute means the same thing as the bird to the British and Aussies, so it’s kinda cool to see young Piper is digitally bilingual.

Museum of Hoaxes says it’s a fake.

Nothing on Snopes yet.

Gotta type faster.

Frankly, though, even if it were real, I’d give her a pass; given the portrayal of her family in the media, and the way her sister is being used as a political score on both sides, I’d be a little ticked too.

(In my view, when it comes to family, the truth of widespread media allegations doesn’t really matter. If the Palins are anything like normal families, they’ll feel a need to stick up for their fkin - and feel anger at their hurt - no matter what.)

ETA: Especially at that age - all they’d see is “bad people being mean to mommy and big sister.”

Hell, I like that one even better.

“THAT’S how many seconds you have to get the fuck out of my face, melonhead.”

I’m surprised no one’s mentioned the real disgrace here–Palin’s godawful coat! :eek:

Oh hell, sorry. Please accept my apology. I’ll ask the mods to close this thread.

Heh, was gonna ask why someone would’ve brought a saxophone to a hockey match.

Only the hippest cats dig Swing Hockey.

Yeah, you’re right, though on first view I never got past her face; she really is a very photogenic woman. :smiley:

It’ll be nice to have her representing us pubbies once she’s in office. It’s kind of like we have our own Jackie now. (Oh, sure. She’s not as classy, sophisticated or well-turned-out as the original Jackie was, but women like that are unfortunately an anachronism in this day and age anyway).

That coat is a crime against all taste and decorum. I would love to see her with her black boxed face on the Glamour “don’t” page–this coat would qualify her.

Come on. Their are many things to go after the Rebublicans for. This?

Then it’s a shame that she was supposed to be your Hillary. But maybe you’ll get real lucky and she’ll be both.

“Palin: The Republican Jackie-- Except Classless, Unsophisticated, and Unfashionable.” Yes, I can see how that comparison readily suggests itself.

I’d run with the idea anyway; at this point it couldn’t possibly hurt. On the other hand, seeing as how she’s supposed to be next in line after McCain self-assassinates, maybe you could try promoting her as the Republican LBJ; that’d tie in neatly with the “unsophisticated” angle. Texas and Alaska are both big states too, geographically speaking.

What–we can’t poke fun at her lousy outerwear choices? I made fun of Hillary’s pantsuits–does that make you feel better?

I don’t much care what a 7 year old anyone did at a hockey game, but perhaps that was your point. Never mind. :slight_smile:

Then perhaps you can also see which political ideology in this country is responsible for the fact that classy, sophisticated, fashionable women are so hard to find nowadays. I’ve no doubt that if Palin were closer to Jackie in these ways, you’d be excoriating her as a snooty rich bitch who thinks she’s better than everyone else and out of touch with everyday Americans.

Democrats are responsible for the fact that Republicans can’t find a classy woman?

No, Democrats are responsible for the fact that there are so few classy women (and men, for that matter) these days to begin with.

I guess you missed where I acknowledged that the photo was fake, aplologised for starting the thread, and would ask a mod to close the thread, which I did. But, if it had been true (and again, shame on me for not vetting the story before posting) I didn’t “go after” Piper. Really, you don’t think it would be an interesting story?

ETA: oh, now I see, another Democrats-have-lowered-the-bar hissy fit.

What does that even mean?

There are plenty of classy, sophisticated, fashionable (and VP-qualified) Republican women. Palin’s not one of them, as you noticed.