Pammipoo's apartment warming party!

I’m finally moving into my own place…this thread’s my housewarmimg party! Presents are welcome, I’ll take any handouts you wanna donate! :smiley: Pizza should be here soon, beers are in the fridge.

Alas though, this marks the end of my decline in posting…I don’t have my own computer, so until I get one, I’ll only be able to come on here when I go home to visit my mom. I’m going to Canada tomorrow, coming back on Tuesday, and after that, I’m in my new place permenently. Right now I have about half of my stuff moved in. I’m still trying to decide what I wanna do with the yucky furniture that came with it…I don’t wanna give up my bed for a dead guy’s…eww. (And btw, he didn’t die in the bed…)

So this is my goodbye, I think I’m gona cry! Don’t worry though, I’ll be back. As soon as I save up the cash, I’ll be buying my own computer, and coming back to the land of dopers. Until then, tootles!

P.S.-Dave, be sure to send me your address. I don’t wanna lose contact with you when you go off to the services :slight_smile: Hopefully, I’ll talk to you before then.

Hands Pammipoo a fake plastic plant, “Uh, yeah, here you go”. Grabs a beer. Waits for the others

Congratulations!! Moving is always so exciting!! I hope you and your new apartment are well suited to each other, and wish you all the very best!!

Are you able to sell off the furniture? Could make a little extra money. Or even more magnanimous of you, donate it to a woman’s shelter or some other charity.

Unless of course it is part of the apartment, then talk to the landlord about putting it in storage (at his cost, of course, with nothing added to your rent).

So, how’s the view and give us a room-by-room tour when you get back.

You got it. I’ll e mail it to you or something.

Have fun with your new place. :slight_smile: