Panzer General: Allied Assault

So I recently downloaded Panzer General: Allied Assault for my 360 and I’ve quickly become an addict. I can’t get enough and I end up playing late into the night as the ‘just one more turn’ mania takes me. Turn based console wargames are almost unheard of anymore and this one happens to have a gentle learning curve but is yet deep enough for some real tough decisions. I’m 8 or so missions in but I’m stuck on Operation Cobra. Has anyone else played this game? Do you have any tips for dealing with the bitch King Tiger and Maus in Operation Cobra?

Haven’t played the new one but played a lot of the old Panzer General series on the PC. I always found that careful use of promotions was the key, you need to develop those anti-tank and anti-air units just as much as your frontline commanders. That and lots of artillery were my main focus. The choices you make in the early scenarios very much dictate whether you can win the later battles.

When confronted with a particularly nasty enemy ideally you want to pound them into submission with artillery and bombers (note the supression effects of both, even if they don’t kill many of the unit the yellow dots won’t fire back that turn), then finish them off with tank and anti-tank units. Note that infantry with the close assualt ‘medal’ can be useful against tanks too as they effectively make their little battle an urban assault (giving bonuses to the infantry and penalties to the tank).

Obviously this assumes the game mechanics haven’t changed to much since PG: Scorched Earth which was the last one I played.

I was expecting something like the old PG games, but this “card game” approach is something totally different. It looks cheap and intriguing enough to give it a try, and reviews seem positive, so I’m going to download (as soon as my 360 gets back from the “red ring” repair)…

Good, then maybe you can help me get past Market Garden. 7 turns is not enough time!