Paris Hilton prison diaries

The Paris Hilton prison diaries - a young woman’s journey through the belly of the beast and the ickiness she found there.

I really hope she converts to radical Islam in prison and changes her name to Paris X.

I keep picturing that scene from Young Frankenstein where Gene Wilder goes bravely into the locked room with the monster giving strict instructions to not let him out no matter what in the name of science (Paris saying how she will bravely face her sentence as a role model for youth doing the right thing and she’s going to take the thing as a learning experience and turn a new page in her life).
Door closes (click!)- “Get me out of her. Open the door please. What’s wrong with you people. For the love of god let me out. Mommyyyyyyy!”

“Day 3: So that’s what a bitch slap is. Wow. Just … wow. MUST remember not to make that sarcastic face again anytime soon.”