Partner has a 3rd nipple. Gross or no problem?

Chatting about Mark Wahlberg with a friend, I mentioned that I’d heard of his having a third nipple. Her reaction to that information surprised me: she was utterly horrified.

The condensed version of her outburst is, “That’s so gross. I don’t think he’s hot anymore. I could never be with someone who has one of those, it’s too weird.”

Now, I don’t see the big deal, really. He doesn’t have a big third man-boob on his chest somewhere. It’s just a little thing, like a mole, I guess, and it doesn’t do anything. Discoverng one on a partner might surprise me, but I’d hardly run screaming from the room.

What do you think? You’re undressing a new lover and there’s an extra little nipple on their chest. Are you freaked out? Disgusted? Curious? Oddly turned on?

I might be a little :dubious:, but then I’d be like :). I wouldn’t be all :eek: though, that’s just rude.

I will ask her how she is related to Eccentrica Gallumbits.

Been there, done that, got the tattoo. Didn’t bother me a bit. Now the gal who had a couple of hairs growing out of her nipple, that bothered me.

I don’t know. Given that my only understanding of what a third nipple would be like is Krusty the Clown (who I wouldn’t sleep with anyway…overweight, balding, illiterate, fictional…) I don’t know how gross it would appear (to me).

I don’t think it would bother me much. I found out…yes, in flagrante, that a former SO of mine had serious keloid scars all over his chest. He had had heart surgery as a child. I still think it would have been nice of him to mention it before I was reaching down his shirt. Still, not that big a deal.

That said it wouldn’t be a turn on. Unless it did reflect his magical witch-like (warlock like?) powers. Magical powers would be a turn on.

That of course is really very common; you just don’t know about it because most women so afflicted pluck those little devils as soon as they appear.

I don’t know how I’d feel about a partner who had a third nipple. I’d definitely be surprised but I don’t think it would faze me in the sense of no longer finding him or her attractive. I like weird stuff about people.

Umm… is his name Scaramanga? :smiley:

It’s the source of all his power.

A third nipple wouldn’t bother me at all.

Heck, Miguel has a third *leg * and I’m pretty happy with that. :smiley:

Cite? :smiley:

It’s all a matter of degrees. Some people would have a hairy wart. Some would cut the hair but leave the wart. Me, I’d remove the hair and the wart. Same with a suplerfluous nipple. (Well, any over 2) I can “get over” physical anomolies but it still takes “getting over”

I’ve told this before, but I had a roommate in college, who had a complete set of nipples on both sides. They became less pronounced as they went down, but they were all there. Besides that he was a S.O.B.

My response would be, “Woah! Cool! Can I play with it?”

Is he better at telling jokes because of it?

You mean, like an cat or something?

Weird, man.

I know this isn’t ‘General Questions’, but what the hell:

Supernumerary Nipples.

I was thinking about that, since I just read a book that discussed it! There seem to have been a number of threads recently about mutations, including Kyla’s I am a mutant! thread.

A third nipple would intrigue me, but then I am not normal.

Been there, done that, me too. It’s an extra toy!

Note that, as Unca Cecil has written, a third nipple doesn’t usually look nipplish. Think of an extra-large freckle, or the big kind of mole that sticks up but without as much pigment. You’ve probably seen at least one on a shirtless man at the beach or something similar, without noticing it or being aware of what you saw.

Saw a guy at a sleezy Gay motel in Hollywood relaxing in the pool.

He had nipple rings, in all THREE nipples on his chest.

Marky Mark has a golden gun? :eek: