Partner has a 3rd nipple. Gross or no problem?

Boyfriend in college had a third nipple - it was obviously a nipple but didn’t gross or anything. Never bothered me a bit, I thought it was cute.

My daughter has a third nipple, and I didn’t even know it until she was three years old. When she was born I noticed a little dent in her chest (about the size of your average mole) but I didn’t think much about it. My MIL finally noticed it a couple of years ago, and said, “Hey, she has an extra nipple! That runs in our family, you know.” No, I certainly did not know. When I took her to the doctor for her next checkup he confirmed that my daughter was indeed tripple-nipped.

If it always looks as it does now, I don’t see it being a problem. It looks nothing like a nipple at all. But if it matures when the others do, I will gladly take her in for a nubbinectomy.

Nope. Just golden globes.


John Hartford:

"I’m gonna see you get that Golden Globe award,
For them golden globes of yours, well, they’re so fiiiiiine…
This mornin’ when, you took your bath,
And stood in the sun to dry,
I was inspired, when I looked up,
And saw them in the sky…

Oh, them golden globes, they ain’t none better,
Gotta have 'em both, 'cause they both go together
Gonna see you get that Golden Globe award…"

This is even better if you know who Hartford is…an ex-hippie bluegrass player who sang about dope-smokin’ and steamboats. He wrote “Gentle on My Mind” and used to be on the Glen Campbell Show. Unfortunately, now deceased.

We now return to our regularly-scheduled program…

Depends. Is it pierced? (Yes, there are pictures of this out there.)

Exactly, they even slanted towards the middle as they went down.

Depends. Does it come attached to a third breast?

I’ve got a third one. It is directly below my right nipple, about 4 inches down. It is 1/3 the size of my other nipples with a few light-fuzzy hairs around it (barely noticeable). It looks like a fully-formed small nipple. It’s a little bit more sensitive than the surrounding skin, but not as sensitive as my other nipples.

I had thought to get it pierced, but never did it.

No girlfriend has ever had a problem with it, and most ignored it completely.

My brothers also have the same, but my sister and daughter do not.

And that is about all I can report on the matter.


I like it if my partner has something special about their bodies. As long as it isn’t a health hazard (signs of illness, suspicious moles, that sort of thing), it see it as a sign of how special that someone is, and how I am "in the know"of that little fact.

Perfection is boring. Big noses, unusual combinations of eye-hair color; they all have their own beauty, and I see it as a sport to see that beauty, when it isn’t so obvious at first sight.
My partner has a mole with a little tuft of hair growing out of it. When I first saw it I was a bit "oh, what is that?"and worried (moles with hair = suspicious of cancer) but now I like toying with it.

So I’d like it if my parner had a thing like a third nipple.

No, no, that was a nubbin.

My older son has one, but like Susie Derkins said it’s not even recognizable as such. His pediatrician often has medical students training with her during her office visits and she always points to it and asks the students if they know what it is. None of them have guessed right yet.

That’s what he called it. But it was a 3rd nipple. He refered to it as such, then explained that it was his “nubbin”.

As for my SO/Wife having a 3rd, as long as it doesn’t squirt me with it at night (as recently happened with one of her 2 ‘as designed’ ones) causing me to wake up, It’d be fine with me.


Weird. I have one, but it’s always looked like a mildly shiny mole, rather than a full-on nipple. I didn’t believe my dad (an MD) at first when he said it was a third nipple, until he pointed out that it was right in line with my regular nipples. I never thought of it as particularly TMI until now… snerk

Personally, if it were a whole new nipple, with areola and hair and everything, I’d be a little weirded at first, but I don’t think I would run away screaming.

I win!

I have six. Four on the left, two on the right. The two just below my ‘main’ ones have significant areolas and have cute little hair patches.

And, yes, they do become erect under the usual circumstances.

Anybody who says ‘yuck’ doesn’t get any of the cookies I just made, so there!

I think I have a third nipple a couple of inches below my right nipple. It is really small maybe the size of a freckle but the center pokes out a little. I never even really noticed it until a couple years ago.