Patriotism tastes like sugar

The local grocery store sells these really yummy cookies. They have lemon cookies (which taste like lemon), strawberry cookies (which taste like strawberry), coconut cookies (which taste like coconut).

They also have patriotic cookies, so I guess they taste like patriotism. I know they taste like sugar. So, it turns out that patriotism tastes like sugar.

Do they sell Girl Scout cookies?

Patriotism = Suger.
Victory = Naplam.
Death = HoneySuckle.

Yeah, someone brought some “patriotic sugar cookies” to our work BBQ today. I had this mental image of some guy in a dark suit and sunglasses shouting at it, “Are you now, or have you ever been, an OREO???!!”

I lie awake at night worrying about the Red Velvet Cake Menace.

They used to carry French cookies. Thank goodness they switched around the time we invaded Iraq . . .

Are they made from real patriots?

Well, I know what store she’s talking about, and let’s just say the lemon cookies aren’t made from real lemons.