Paul--fun movie!

Not your average nerds-on-a-roadtrip-with-an-alien-romcom! As you would expect, it has more sci-fi in-jokes than you can shake a dozen sticks at. But Paul surprised me most by having a big heart; Blythe Danner’s storyline was quite touching. I’m not a big Seth Rogen fan, but he was perfect for the lead.

Oh, I shouldn’t forget Pegg and Frost–they weren’t bad either. I’m curious, though…are they gay? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, I want to see it. Might go today or tomorrow. I’m not a fan of Rogen either, but I think in this role it can work.

I saw it this morning and enjoyed it. There were probably a lot of in jokes that I missed though.

I don’t think it’s worth it to see it in the theater, we went with a group of friends for $6. It would be worth it on DVD though.

No, they’re British! (To many people - same same…)

Saw it this afternoon. Hilarious movie, with plenty of nods and winks at other sci-fi - especially Star Wars. There were a few times where I was one of a small handful of voices chuckling at a quote or something. Not too many nerds in the theater with me, I guess.

The trailers I’ve seen make the titular alien look like a knock-off of Roger from American Dad… I’d like to think it’s simply poor marketing, but if someone who’s seen the film can provide some insight one way or the other it’d be most helpful.

Roger from American Dad is based on the stereotypical appearance of the standard urban myth ‘grey alien’. And so is Paul. It’s not a knock-off because it’s based on something quasi-real.

But even so, within the context of the movie itself, they show the various ‘greys’ in popular culture as having been based on Paul himself. So within the movie, the AD alien is a knock-off of Paul.

I don’t think it was a nod to any Sci-Fi movie, but I burst out laughing when Blythe Danner’s character shouted

“My WEED!!!” as the RV pulled away from her exploding farm house.

Haven’t seen it yet. The previews remind me a little too much of ALF. A regular guy alien, with no super powers or advanced knowledge that winds up on earth. Hopefully, this movie will approach the character differently than the old tv show.

The previews do look very funny. I’ll probably go this weekend.

I saw it last night and it is a fun movie, mostly fun for playing Spot The Reference. It’s packed, everything from Close Encounters to Groundhog Day.

I laughed at that too. I believe that Danner herself was one of the dozens of references in the film, since she was the female lead in Futureworld. Her brief speech about how all the kids called her crazy was very touching, and the best part of the movie. I love Blythe so much that I almost feel guilty for thinking, wouldn’t it have been cool if they’d gotten Melinda Dillon (Jillian Guiler in Close Encounters)? I didn’t know Blythe was in the movie, and almost expected to see Melinda’s face when Tara opened the door.

He has both super powers and advanced knowledge.

I liked the name of the sandwich shop.


I thought Kristen Wig was hilarious. Why wasn’t she featured in the advertising?
What is amazing is how much fx has changed in my life time from the aliens at the end of Close Encounters to this.

I loved the movie. it was hilarious

Caught this last weekend, and it was great!

I too found myself the only one laughing at a couple of jokes, and the name of the man In Black played by Jason Bateman killed me. It felt like a total shout out to Arrested Development fans.

There are a lot of SF references in this film, and I suspect the critics weren’t aware of a lot of them. It was nicely done, and for once the “Hip Alien” routine sorta made sense, because he’s supposedly been here for a long time (and in many cases suggested the pop culture icons he cites), so it’s not like “Alf” coming in outta the blue and suddenly knowing what’s going on.
Great CGI, too.

I missed, but Pepper Mill caught that

when they go into the bar the band is playing a variation on the Mos Eisley Cantina music from Star Wars

Pegg and Frost are as Gay as it is possible for two straight friends to be.

I am not a big science fiction fan, and even I caught plenty of funny references. Good movie.

At first, I thought Amy Adams was in the movie; Kristen Wiig looks and acts a lot like her. She was really good and held her own against the guys.

Speaking of references, what was the significance of the diorama with the pickup truck shown during the comic show? It wasnt from Close Encounters.