Paul Reiser Show

I just happened to catch it because it followed Community. I figured I’d watch a few minutes, sneer, and turn it off. Oddly enough, it was surprisingly watchable and I stuck through the whole thing.

No big laughs, but a surprising amount of amusing moments. It’s probably too low key to be a big hit, but it was quite different. It sort of the anti-Curb Your Enthusiasm (a point made explicitly in the episode).

I didn’t hate it. It sounds like it is going to be too child-focussed for my taste, but when they weren’t being annoying Boomer parents, it was funny. I want to see more of Paul Reiser as a caustic game show host. :smiley:

Someone give me a heads up if Helen Hunt is scheduled for an appearance, otherwise I don’t this one will make it into the rotation.

I think it’ll be like Everyone Loves Raymond in that regard: you never actually saw the kids. I did like the friend who had everything in his warehouse; it was a funny idea.

It looked good enough to give it another viewing. I too caught it only as it followed Community.

Possibly (probably?). I looked up Paul’s kids because of the mention of the wheelchair, and I see that his oldest son has cerebral palsy, and they hired a kid to play him who has spina bifida in real life, so we’ll be seeing them sometimes, but who knows how often.

I liked the everything warehouse, too. NOW I know where dollar stores get all their incredibly cheap stuff!

I liked it more than I thought I would, actually. There were a number of pretty good laughs. More so from the supporting cast than from Paul Reiser himself, but I’d give it another chance.

The first thing I thought was “this feels like it’s trying to be Curb but without the curse words and Larry David”. Then I laughed when shortly after he was a guest star and talks about Curb.

The show wasn’t anywhere near as good as Curb but it was decent. Paul Reiser can be funny and has good expressive faces for comedy.

Yes, the son is definitely in the show. I don’t want to say too much, I’m not sure what I can get away with saying, but I know he is on the show because I am related to someone who knows him and his family.

Reiser did an interview with the Onion AV Club. He said that is RL son will be in the show, but won’t be playing his son.

I have Spina Bifida IRL, so I may need to see this.

I didn’t know that part, I just happened to know (someone who knows) the kid who is playing the son. Cool to hear that his son has a part in it too.

It was NBC’s lowest-rated in-season comedy premiere ever. I wouldn’t become fond of it.