Penile Fracture Revisited

I read something posted here, possibly a while ago, on this message board about penile fractures. Someone had asked what a penile fracture is exactly, and how such a trauma to the penis could occur. I found the post when I searched, looking for something on penile fracture, and I wasn’t able to locate the actual post here at the forum, and that’s why I’m starting a new thread for my reply. I would just like to add to the answer given, and say that there is a certain disease of the penis known as Pyreane’s, which has unverified causes, and the presence of this disease can make the penis even more susceptible to penile fracture. If you have Pyreane’s disease, there are further precautions you can take to prevent penile fracture, as well as prevent progression of the disease itself. Pyreane’s is a disease onset by the development of scar tissue at a location on the surface of the membrane surrounding the the pair of tube-shaped masses of tissue that run down the length of the organ, called corpora cavernosa. The scar tissue inhibits the flow of blood to the erectile tissue in that locale, in turn inhibiting the subsequent enlargement of the tissues in that same locale during erection. This inhibition of enlargement during erection, causes the penis to have somewhat of a curve shape, instead of its normally straight erect shape. Some men may even find their erection painful, due to the curvature, and to the deterioration of the erectile tissue in the location of the scar tissue. Another sign of Pyreane’s disease, is the penis having an “hour glass” shape, when not fully erect. It is because of this general, abnormal curvature of the erection resulting from this disease, that the penis is more susceptible to folding over onto itself, and the subsequent tearing (penile fracture) of tissues within the shaft. If you think you might have Pyreane’s, or a curved erection, you should see a urologist for a diagnosis, and to discuss prevention of further damage. Pyreane’s is repairable through surgical means. The culprit scar tissue can be removed and replaced with good tissue, most likely from an excised portion of vein from another part of your body.

Link to Cecil’s Column: Is it true men can suffer from penile fracture? – CKDH


This is a joke…right?

Not to nitpick (ok, I’m picking one little nit), but is “fracture” the proper term? I think of a fracture as an injury that occurs in a rigid thing, when it breaks, not in tissue.
When I was a kid, I (we) thought an erection was when a bone slid from inside my body up into my penis. :dubious: Does it? :wink:
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I think you mean Peyronie’s disease.

Here’s an excellent summary article on Penile Fractures

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