People who have way too many Sequential Threads

**“cheating” at sex…paranoid
Animals with holes in them - are there any?

**Bay Area Dopedest Aftermath
We’re having a baby! **

**Bay Area Dopedest Aftermath
So, uh, anyone ever embarrass themselves this way before? **

**Why the heck does Netflix think I’ll like ____?
Kirk Cameron’s nipples

A Murderously Fun MMP
Bay Area Dopefest Aftermath

Three reasons I’m cheerful today

Ella, the Three Legged Dog


My ethical dilemma… What would you do?

Ask the Microsoft Employee

**Have you ever touched a human corpse?

Hand shaking etiquette**

I’d say a quick wash wouldn’t hurt.

**How long will new Chernobyl-related illness continue?

Bad design in everyday life.**

I’m thinking of taking up jogging or running…
Can I remain an inert soggy lump for ONE MORE DAY?

Where do LSD images come from?
Your most memorable hallucination

**We as Liberals…
Stop using “we” when you mean “you.” **

In my “find posts by” window:
**FCC threatens to fine defunct network over five-year-old Pokémon ad
No More Freaking “on the ground,” Please!!
**I can’t help it, the show causes seizures!

this seems to be a theme…

**Bay Area Dopedest Aftermath

A slightly sticky romantic entanglement (long) **

**I’m getting my ass kicked by an embryo! (warning: whiny)

We’re having a baby!


** Please do not hit up my guests for sex

Gonzomax…a pit thread just for you


Wait…This Optimus Prime Toy Transforms Into What?

Kirk Cameron’s Nipples

**DDT - dangerous to birds? dangerous to humans?

legal eagles - libel question? **

The SDMB front page:
Where do LSD images come from?
The happy, peppy songs of…Pink Floyd?

**Attitudes towards casual nudity

How have you humilated yourself today? **

**What large object am I seeing? **

The all too obvious answer

**Kirk Cameron’s nipples **