People who make Jack Chick look sane

All right, people, we now have two separate threads going on down here devoted to bashing Jack Chick. Not that he’s not whack, but this is just piling on. So, to edify, amuse, and horrify you, several people who make old Jack look like the Voice of Sweet Reason:

Robert T. Lee (AKA the “Society” for the Practical Establishment and Perpetuation of the TEN COMMANDMENTS)

The Constitution and Bill of Rights are Satanic and should be repealed. We can solve the world’s overpopulation problem if we just kill everybody it says to kill in the Bible. Freedom is evil.

Bob Enyart

See Bob’s master plan, Day One: How would Christians govern America?. Yes, folks, the God-fearing Christians have just taken over the country by means of a “democratic election” (which just happened to be held at 3:47 A.M.) Let the mass executions begin! (There used to be a Part Two of this, which detailed how the New Order’s second decree was that all the homosexuals were to be put to death, but hardly any one even cared; IIRC, Pat Schroeder also went up against the wall.)

Be sure to check out Bob’s brand-spanking-new Constitution of America (which is at Bob’s other web site, ShadowGov.comyou too can be a judge!)–Bob’s not just speaking metaphorically when he talks about the “Kingdom of God”. Our new criminal code is due to be posted in June of this year–I can’t wait!

A double header:

Michael Wagner (who thinks R.J. Rushdoony was a tad too liberal when it came to the separation of church and state) argues that Presbyterianism should be the state religion. (From the same site, be sure to check out these heartwarming anti-Christmas carols. I especially like the line about “Servetus roasting in an open fire”.) Meanwhile, “Bishop” Mark A. Pivarunas (who’s more Catholic than the Pope; in fact, he’s so Catholic he’s been excommunicated–or rather, he has excommunicated everyone else) thinks that all those cults–like Pantheism and Satanism and Protestanism–should be outlawed. Now there’s a couple of guys it would be fun to lock in a small room together.

Sadly, Dr. Gary “Scary Gary” North’s website for the Institute for Christian Economics seems to be down right now. (Must be that Y2K bug.*) So, no direct links to such Northian gems as

or his defenses of stoning, or his call for the death penalty for doctors who perform abortions…and women who have abortions (not to mention the office receptionists at the abortion clinics).

*[sub]Although, in a weird kind of way, it takes a certain amount of integrity to leave a web site up in March 2001 for the all the world to see in which you confidently predict that our entire technological civilization will come crashing down on January 1, 2000.[/sub]

I knew I shouldn’t have opened up the SDMB before I went to work because responding to this one is going to make me a few minutes late. But I just HAVE to ask, “are these freaks for real?” I thought Fred Phelps, at was the ultimate in awfulness, but this opens my eyes even further! Makes you wonder about the future of humanity.

I know who Bob Enyart is! He would be on PBS’s public access in South Bend. In fact, I think he’s based out of somewhere in Indiana. Pretty amusing stuff. But I don’t think he’s near as bad as Jack Chick.

For the record, his governmental plan only called for locking up all homosexuals, as they were a menace to the moral society at large, not putting them to death. Although, he may have changed his stance recently. I remember watching that guy, and the person who lived across the hall from me would stand in the doorway and nod his head in approval of everything he said. Scary shit.

The only good thing I have to say about him is that people would call in with legitimate Bible questions, and he knows his stuff. He’d give pretty good answers on the normal stuff. But when it came to acceptance and tolerance, he was strictly an Old Testament man. The most annoying thing he did (other than the whole “lets lock up all the fags” thing) was when someone would say he’s an intolerant asshole, he’d say, “Lets go ahead an plug the word ‘multicultural’ into my Bible CD-ROM - yup, not a single hit.” He’d that ad naseum (sp?).

Pretty offensive, looking back on it. But then again, I just farted.

Conner, you may be right. Bob Enyart probably less nuts than Jack Chick.

But I guess you didn’t look at the Robert T. Lee site. Hard to believe, but I think we may have a winner for more insane than Chick. (though it’s still close.)

Damn. I’m trying to remember the site for the guy wants to repeal the 19th ammendment. And whose anti-semitism is so comprehensive he goes to the trouble of writing a defense of the Spanish Inquision. Anybody?

John Knight and the Fathers’ Manifesto

According to that site, this includes, “putting to death the innocent (such as putting innocent embryos and fetuses to death in abortions).” Doesn’t he realize that Exodus 21:22 says this offense is only punishable by fine?

The reason why I think Enyart is crazier than Jack Chick–or at any rate, worse–is that Enyart has clear political aspirations. He wants to Take Over, whereas Chick, as daft and as hateful as he his, seems to be mainly interested in winning converts one soul at a time–it’s just that Chick has the most ludicrously inept witnessing style on Earth. Take that “Day One” link–a “new government is elected” by “direct democratic means” (although in fact Enyart despises democracy)–at 3:47 A.M. Combine this with Enyart’s attempts to form a “shadow government” and it’s kind of ominous (although as far as I can tell he probably has less chances of pulling off a successful coup d’etat than the Teeming Millions do).

Connor–I’m pretty sure Enyart wants to put homosexuals to death. Like I said, he used to have a “Part Two” of Day One up; I’ve got a copy around somewhere, and I’ll look it up. In general these hardcore Back-to-Biblical-Law types are pretty much against incarceration as a punishment for crimes–sentences of imprisonment aren’t to be found in Biblical law: if you didn’t commit one of the more than a dozen capital crimes, you had to pay restitution (maybe by being an indentured servant or a kind of slave if you didn’t have enough money); or there was that “eye for an eye” thing, although most commentators (including the fairly loony ones) interpret that to mean that the victim could demand monetary compensation equal to the going rate for an eye instead of actually having the perpetrator’s eye poked out with a stick. There are also some references to floggings in the Torah.

Oh man, this is GREAT! MST3K fan fiction GOLD!

I just LOVE reading things written by kooks.

Bahahahahahahaha… (and the best part is that a quick look at the javascript shows that there’s nothing behind it … all it does is reject people!) :slight_smile:

Humph. This guy sure is hot on over-throwing the government and replacing it with a Bible-based, 10 Commandment-oriented system. But what does the Bible say about over-throwing governments?

Hebrews 13:17 Obey your leaders and submit to their authority. They keep watch over you as men who must give an account. Obey them so that their work will be a joy, not a burden, for that would be of no advantage to you.

Sometimes I think these guys should ask themselves “WWJD (or Paul, since he’s credited with authoring the above)?” Can you see Jesus pounding out rant-filled web pages about how the government needs to be dismantled and certain people need to be killed? When he was sentenced to death, did he go to the cross kicking and screaming and cursing the government? Even Paul brags about how much better a martyr he is than the “super-apostles.” Martyring themselves to the evil government, not dismantling it, appears to be WJ(&P)WD.

These internet nutjobs need to learn the difference between having a martyr-complex and a persecution-complex.

You do not have the “guts” to seek Time Cube “Truth”.

Wow… the result of too much acid?

This is a particularly scary Harry Potter = Satan link.

So why don’t these wack-os who want to run the government as they see fit just go somewhere and run their own country? I’m sure there’s an island off Madagascar that could hold a good chunk of them…

(I feel a thread coming on…)


Probably because they have no skills or talents whatsoever beyond crazed ranting, and so, faced with an organizational challenge of that magnitude, would die off quicker than newts in the Sahara.

Hmmm. Can anyone see a downside to that?

Go here and read the letter titled Isle of Man. Hey, why don’t all those queer fags just…

Perhaps ironically, until very recently homosexuality was still illegal on the Isle of Man.

I’m not making it up. You couldn’t if you tried.

Hey neat. I found the following quote from the Time Cube web page that scratch1300 linked above:

I’m on the web right now. Does that mean I’m in some kind of pornography?

Cue porno film music

ITR Champion’s link to the Harry Potter bashing site is a real eye opener.

I was happily reading through it, laughing to myself about what a paranoid fool the author - a Christian, obviously, though I’m not trying to connect their paranoia or foolishness with their religion – when I came across this, which stopped me cold. “since a child’s inherent nature is evil” - what the hell is that all about, coming from a concerned Christian parent?

It’s hardly a new idea.