People who need.... a boot to the head.

Let’s start with Terry Barton, a 38-year-old US Forest Service employee from Colorado. Seems she and ex-hubby don’t get along too well. He sent her a letter, and she was so pissed she decided to burn it. Outdoors. In Pike National Forest. Where, as she must have been well aware, there were strict regulations about fires of any kind, owing to the fact that the whole forest was dry as a tinder box. She left the smouldering ashes, thinking that the fire was out, and didn’t check back to see if she was correct until much too late. Ladies and gentlemen, one of the fires now torching the state of Colorado was started by a Forest Service employee having a snitfit.

I believe this makes her a perfect candidate for a boot to the head. Who’s next?

Oh yeah, and if you really have to burn a letter from a special asshole in your life, how about doing it in a metal sink or something like that? :smack:

People talking in movie shows,
People smoking in bed…


I think you forgot to mention that her job at the time was enforcing a total ban on campfires in said park.

You know who else needs a boot to the head? People from Europe. <ducks>

Not all of them, just the one’s who come to an America and eat at a reastaraunt and then leave a fucking 2% tip.!

Just what directly the fuck do you think I am asking for a tip for? Because I am greedy and just want you to spend a little bit more of your money? No, Mr. Rectumlicker. It’s because I get paid $2.13 an hour. That is so little that it really only covers the drycleaning that I have to do to work at the nice restaraunt you are sitting in.

I also have to pay into the tip pool so that those pretty girls at the door can have a paycheck too. That tip tool is 3.5% of whatever I sell you. And I sold you alot. Still don’t get it, fuckwit?

I paid to serve your stupid, no tip leaving ass!

Boot to the skull, you horse raping douche-nozzle!

People that piss everywhere except the urinal. Get some fucking glasses!

people who use Tai-Kwan-Leep just to beat other people up, like Ed Gruberman. :smiley:

“But I thought all nuns were violent.”
“Yes, but now she’s started beating up non-Catholics.”


Maybe Ms. Barton and the guy that shut down the entire Atlanta airport last fall hopping over the security gate right after September 11th should get together and breed?

Damn you, alibey! Damn you for referencing The Frantics before I could!

jayjay :stuck_out_tongue:

People voting Republican…

People posting in this thread.

Kidding. :smiley:

I’m just happy to know that there are other people in the world familiar with the reference, cause most of the time I use it I get blank stares.

Pointless political snipers…

lenin, I believe ouisey was referring to the Frantics sketch referenced in the thred title. However, I believe the line is, “People who vote Rebublican.” Nevertheless.

People who can’t take a joke - give them a boot to the head.

My gimp.

That fireworks twatwrench two streets over is at it again, and I would like nothing better than to take my size 10 foot to his head, and kick until i see proof of a brain cellFireworks:smack: :eek: :rolleyes:

Mechanics who can’t fix a car
Politicians who can’t think
The salesman who won’t leave me alone
The waiter who forgot my drink…

And an unknown number of individuals employed by Utlendingsdirektoratet (UDI), the Norwegian government agency that handles immigration issues. Why? Well, it goes like this:

In 1993, two brothers from Iran hijack an Aeroflot plane to Oslo.
Once the hijacking is over and they’re in police custody, they apply for political asylum.
Their applications for asylum are turned down, and they are eventually extradicted to Russia, the owner of the plane, after the Russian authorities promise the brothers will not be returned to Iran.
They are tried in Russia and given relatively short prison sentences.
After being released from prison, they claim that they didn’t believe that the Russian authorities would not send them back to Iran.
If they are sent back to Iran, they face the death penalty for the hijacking.
After a chain of events I won’t bore you with, they return to Oslo and re-apply for political asylum…
…and UDI, who would never be mistaken for nice guys at any other time, grants them permanent residency permits! :smack:

This decision may yet be overruled, but I swear I’m going to go down there and boot some heads anyway… All the sordid details here.

And don’t forget one for Jenny and the Wimp.

:: boot :: :: boot ::


If I could boot-in-the-head people who volunteer for jobs in the all-volunteer organization I belong to who then never do what they said they’d do, I’d need the biggest pair of DocMartins in the western world.
Boot! Boot! Boot!