People who share your first name... Ever pretended you were their leader?

As a tot, I can clearly recall being the unaminous and exalted leader of all the people who share my first name. I think my brother was too, though naturally he was less exalted and the choice was more acrimonious. SuaSponte’s thread on Jenny’s yielded one internatinal representative, IIRC. Were you ever the leader of such a prestigious organization?

I am forming a “Cult of Lack of Personality” right now for my same named.

No Kool-aid serverd, Castration is optional.

Man, am I glad my name isn’t “Yardstick”. Or Jones.

Uh, no, I never did. Wish I’d though of it, though. Would have been fun, 'specially since my highschool English teacher had the same name! I could have ordered her to give me A’s! :smiley:

People with my first name? I don’t think I’ve ever met another one.

No, but people used to ask if meand the other Pam in my classes were sisters. Yeah, cuz you know, my parents just couldn’t decide on a name for their second child, so they just gave us the same one…


I’m now quietly reflecting on the fact that if I were the leader of all the people who share my first name–or maybe even my whole name–I’d have a large enough force to take over the world.

Hmmmm…I wonder if they’d go for it? <Wanders off in search of a phone book.>

Who’s pretending? I AM their leader (some of them just don’t know it yet, that’s all!)

All of you Dans out there; get to work! There is much that needs be done to make me, your leader, happy!

Oh, all the time.

Supreme Leader, Jennifers for World Domination

It’s perfectly obvious. What would you call the supreme leader of all Michaels worldwide? Michael King, of course.

My name is Justus, which is fairly uncommon. And I discovered that a producer on a few films I’d seen was named “Justis.”

I rule!