So, you're now the Supreme Ruler of a small country. What is your title?

Let’s pretend that you’ve recently managed to end up in charge of a small country, and it’s time to announce your official title.

It’s far too boring to simply declare yourself “El Presidente” or “Prime Minister” or “Generalissimo”, so you’ve got to come up with something a bit more… long-winded. Extra points if it wouldn’t fit on a business card without using really small type, is comically self-redundant, or egotistical/megalomaniacal. :wink:

However, it still has to be something you could present yourself at the U.N. with and still keep a straight face…

In my case, it would be:

His Imperial Majesty Emperor Martini Enfield I, God-Emperor of The Martini Empire and All Its Incorporated Realms And Overseas Territories

Yes, I’m an Imperialist Megalomaniac with delusions of Grandeur, why do you ask? :smiley:

I would keep it short and simple and to the point. “Digitalc the Magnificent”, that should work.

She Who Must Be Obeyed, of course. It’s worked thus far–I see no need to change. :cool:

You may refer to me as:

Holy Bayardian Emperor Bayard I, Supreme Philosopher-King and Holy Founder-Father of the Bayardian Church

The propaganda posters will refer to me as “Papa”.

The puppygod.

What else?

The Glorious Hypno-Toad!

Everybody loves Hypno-Toad!

Princeps. Latin for “First Citizen.” Hey, if it was good enough for Augustus . . .

Mad The Swine The Mad

Grand Poobah Daithi Lacha, Last King of Scotland.

Your (or His, depending upon context) Unalterableness.

His Serene Excellency Sunspace I, Emperor of the United System, Commander-in-Chief of the Defence Forces, Chief Guide of the Beautiful Land, Duke of Toronto, and Imperial Patron of the Institute of Sustainability.

[sub]I always wanted to be Serene…[/sub]

Honorary Surgeon.

Ooh, awkward. I was really liking the sound of “Hammer of the Scots”

“Lustrus Potentate” should do nicely.

President. Keep it simple and avoid international scrutiny.

They shall be obeisant before me and they shall address me as “His Lordship, 3acresandatruck.” It’s a REALLY small country, but at least we have a truck.

QtM Pontifex, of course.

Let me get back to you guys, I need to check with my wife.

His Dude-ness the Royal Bubbadog

Don’t you mean, “His Abiding Dude-ness, the Royal Bubbadog?”