People who WILL BE SHOT under the Inky regime

Would it help if I said I was sorry? :o
I guiltily admit to being one of those damned bikers who gets on the sidewalk. Not often, though, only when it’s strictly necessary. Such as when the only bike stands for a building one of my classes is in is only accessible by sidewalk… I do slow down and yield to pedestrians, though, when I do have to get on the sidewalk. Every time I spook somebody or get a little too close to them, I always give a quick apology. Probably doesn’t make it better in most cases, but I do take responsibility for any accidents. Or I would take responsibility if they ever happened. :wink:

So, er, is it the firing squad for me, or a silent but swift purging?

On the other side of the coin, there’s the twiddlefuck pedestrians who take their lousy time ambling along in the designated bike paths. You think the bikers are the only offenders of this type on campus? These bugheads are what often drive me into pedestrian lanes, because some airheads walk three abreast along a bike path. Sure, we’ll yield to you peds if you’re just crossing the bike path, but walking along it or, God Forbid, standing in the middle and talking! Don’t expect much sympathy when a biker runs into you because you were in his way and there were no other lanes available to him.

Hey. We got together and decided it was perfectly alright for bikers and pedestrians to gang up on trespassers in the other’s domains. :slight_smile:

Grandstands will be erected for your viewing pleasure. Ticket proceeds will fund the revolution.

Viva Icky!


runs to get his Whacking Stick, a butterfly net, and a gerbil :smiley:

What the rabble in this thread lack is a sense of proportionality in crime and punishment.
For some offenders, an adroit trip-up is warranted; others deserve to have their fingers slammed in a car door. In the case of an un-attended cart parked in check-out while the shopper runs back for a forgotten item it seems appropriate simply to tip over the cart while innocently moving on to another line.
Other offenses naturally must escalate to measures justifying stomping, mutilation, emasculation, and small arms fire. Your call. And so goodnight; with dreams of avenging angels, hie thee to thy rest.


Who are you calling “rabble”?

I think there’s a law against insulting the members of the Inky Regime!

“The law, sir, is an ass”–Shakespeare


Fucking wedgers…the people, who when traffic merges into 1 lane due to construction, race ahead in the other lane expecting to be let in.

But worse than the wedgers, the damn fucking spawn of Satan’s half breed crabs infested sister…those fucking meat heads who actually LET THEM IN!!! …Grrrrrrr

I never fucking let wedgers in…as a matter of fact…if traffic merges into the right lane for example, when I am in the right lane nearing a wedger…I make sure to be as far to the LEFT in my right lane as possible to make sure that the moron does not even think about nosing in…

beagledave, you are SO right! I hate people who do that, and when the revolution comes I want to be the one to put THEM up against the wall.

It’s people like all of you who are to blame for the violence and school shootings in this country. You are sick and disgusting! How can you suggest that people should die for these petty annoyances? Don’t you know that there are real problems in the world? I hope that none of what you suggested ever happens.
Except for the telemarketers.

And could we pound them a bit before we shoot them in the belly?

That would be good.

beagledave is my new hero…
Can we add women who sit at roundabouts while gaps in traffic large enough to get an entire marching band waltz out 15 times over come & go? Particularly if they drive 4*4s because then, even if I’m in the other lane, I can’t see past them to get out into the traffic myself. If you’re that afraid of driving, don’t drive! Or take some extra lessons to boost your confidence, but for the love of all that is holy (& many things that aren’t), don’t go out in rush hour & sit dithering at the roundabout whilst an enormous queue builds up behind you!

I know men do this too, but usually not till they are in their 60s & their brains have dribbled out of their ears…
[sub]yes, I’m female, yes, this is a sexist post. No, I don’t care.[/sub]

Ah, Fierra: I’m a male type and well into my 75th orbit around the sun. Still I wouldn’t do that to you at a roundabout. And I haven’t taken to creeping along in 4x4 SUV either, love.

So, to maybe step back and take this more seriously than expected (and I apologize for it now) couldn’t ALL of these things come down to:

Being inconsiderate

I have long felt that being inconsiderate of others feelings, thoughts, privacy, etc…is one of the worst things that can be done. I’m all for placing myself ahead of others, don’t get me wrong. I compete in my work, I compete for my company. But I try to be respectful of others whilst I’m doing it.

How does that sound?

  1. people who think that they are somehow special and shouldnt have to pay for parking. what the hell makes you think i give a damn? pay or get towed, assholes.

  2. people who try to cheat businesses and/or public services, and then get pissed at the people who are not stupid enough to go along with them. bus drivers are just doing their jobs, idiots! they dont have the power to dispense free transfers.

  3. people who say retarded terms, such as, ‘are you serious’, to anything remotely surprising. example:

1st guy in store: “dude, you ever had one o those energy drinks? do they work?”

clerk: “uh, yeah, they dont really do anything for me.”

1st guy: “are you serious?”

2nd guy in store: “i drank one of those things and i was up all night, man!”

1st huy: “are you serious?”

Um, Jonathon: Taking all under consideration about being considerate or (un- or in-) you may find it advisable to take a Chance, replace yourself, and elbow to the front of the ticket line.

Please, Inky, can we kill:

> People who chew gum loudly and visibly.

> People who smoke cigars.

> People who walk around with radios or whatever turned up really lound.

> People who use earphones that leak an annoying beat-beat-beat noise.

> People who litter.

> People who stop dead as soon as they exit a building, bus, subway, elevator, or whatever while they figure out which way to go.

What th’?

Am I being insulted here? Or encouraged? Or what?

Someone explain it to me!

Johnathon wonders if he is being insulted or complimented by Blandart’s comment. Perhaps neither, but merely asking if getting to the head of the line requires stabbing or shooting anyone in front, can that be accomplished considerately and with heartfelt respect for the victim’s person. If so, 'twould be a great solace to the lucky one sent on his cosmic journey!
Such bliss.

Ah, it all begins to make a twisted sort of sense, now.

Here’s a line from a book:

“All are loyal to the Emperor, but those under him compete.”

I do my best to advance myself. But I don’t cut in line or backstab others. I prefer to simply outperform them.

Does that mean I get ahead while others don’t? So be it. But that doesn’t mean I’m inconsiderate.

How’s that, my good man?