Pepperlandgirl is 18!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That’s right - September 3rd is the 18th birthday of Ms. Haley Stokes, also known as pepperlandgirl! Everyone help me wish her a happy 18th birthday, and by also posting any words of advice you have for her as she becomes a full-fledged “legal adult”.

My thoughts for Haley’s 18th:

Dear, you are my best friend online, and I care for you and Jim very much. I’m glad that your body might finally be catching up somewhat with your mind, since you have always seemed to me to be wise and informed beyond your time.

I wish nothing but the best for you and your dreams. I know you can make it through college just fine, go to law school, and become that Child Advocacy or Death Penalty defense Lawyer you sometimes aspire to be.

My only advice is to plan ahead, keep your eyes on a goal no matter how far away it seems (because one day, you will reach it). Always try to learn - to learn from people, events, and life, for these constitute a large part of wisdom.

Don’t let people walk over you, bully you, intimidate you, or push you around. And conversely, know when to humbly apologize, take your lumps, and move on with life.

That’s all dear. You can open your present in 2 more hours, when it is midnight PDT.

And once again, Happy 18th Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday!!!
Anyone going to spank her?

Happy Birthday, Pepper!! Have a fabulous day.

Happy Birthday!

I don’t know how you’ll be celebrating, but when my day comes in four months, two days, I’ll be buying pornography and tobacco just because I can…

Happy Birthday, Pepperlandgirl!

I remember my 18th birthday.

My dad payed back my brother the money he spent on the car battery. That was my “present”. But I’m not bitter. Nope not me. ::goes to therapy::

Happy Birthday pepper!!! Go to a strip club! It’s a growing experience!

Or not.

::gets out birthday paddle:: :wink:

Thank you Una, for that wonderful post. I appreciate it very much. And that all of you who has responded, or will be responding in the near future. And I know there will be a lot of you :wink:

Happy Birthday!

This should just barely be on the 2nd (11:55 pm).

I would, but I’m 2 time zones away. So Jim will have to.

Remember Jim, it’s 18 PER cheek, not 18 total… :wink:

Have a happy birthday! I have a year and three and a half months to catch up to you.

Aw, cripes! She’s been a minor all along?!?!?

I’m gonna be in SO MUCH trouble…

HBD, PLG! Glad yer finally a Grup.

I remember when I turned 18 back in 19…er, 198…uh, 1981…no, that can’t possibly be right. That would make me…make me…uh…damn…

Happy 18th, pepper.

Yeah pepper!

Congrats girl. :slight_smile:

Heya Pep! Happy B-Day kiddo! Hope it’s a great one.

Happy Birthday, Pepperlandgirl!

We haven’t interacted at all, but I have enjoyed your posts and wanted to tell you that I love the Beatles, too.

Advice? You want advice? Well probably not, but here is mine. FWIW.

Forgive freely, but never forget. If you forget, you may repeat the mistakes you have made, or allow the mistakes that others have made toward you to be repeated.

Never hold a grudge, because it will hurt you more than the person you are holding it against.

Stay forever young. Even when you are ninety-nine.

Laugh as much as you possibly can, and I mean the real kind, not the chintzy kind. You know, the belly laugh thing that makes everyone within earshot want to join in? Thats the one. Do it often.

Love your family, and do for them what you think you should.
They will not always be here, and after they are gone you will be content if you did what you thought was right in reference to them.

Well, I guess I will slink off, hoping that you have not taken offence to my presumptuous offer of advice.

Most heartfelt wishes for a beautiful birthday!


Happy Birthday Pepperlandgirl! The big “1”-“8”? I hope you’re planning on having a monster b-day bash. Have fun! :slight_smile:

YES! A spanking! Then the oral sex!!
Happy B-day pepper

Happy Birthday PLG! Hope you have a very fun time being 18!

I have to take a second to publically thank my dear friend Una (Anthracite) She sent me the most beautiful, touching birthday gift. It’s a beautiful sapphire necklace. Thank yoiu again Sweetie. I love it.

Yes… I turned 18 on Aug 24… arrgghhh its grand.

I’m an Australian though… I thought the legal age in the States was 21 ?