per jayjay's suggestion: the Stunning Sodomites of the SDMB

Well, like jayjay did suggest, I have a strong prototype for the Stunning Sodomites of the SDMB.

Check it out, feel free to give feedback, and feel free to use the link on the website to e-mail me with your info if you wish to be included.

So, are my fellow queers no longer interested in this project now that I’ve followed through with a design?

Buddy, calm down, it’s only been a few hours.


I had the epiphany on the look last night and finished it this morning.

I was just thinking a few might chime in with thoughts, etcetera, but probably was thinking people would respond quiicker than they are able to on a Monday.

Mea culpa.


First, Mockingbird, you are a babe! Damn!

Second, I’ll be sending my pic and info as soon as I can come with a sufficently witty bio.

E-mail, away!

Mockingbird, does your t-shirt read “Frankie Say Relax”?


good site design, BTW.

Nope. It says "catcher’.



Did you get my e-mailed info?



Working on it.

Very cool, I’ll scrounge up a picture and try to come up with something funny to say in the bio. Good job Mockingbird.

Mockingbird, you’ve got mail. Or you should.

Got it and it will be added soon.

I’m ashamed to admit that I completely missed the thread until Airman Doors did his Pit thread on it.

Mockingbird, I’m sending my stuff. :slight_smile:

Hmm… do you think the bio on my website is too long and ostentatious?

Nice clean design, but a skosh wordy. I’d edit it down, perhaps make a more personal version for your SSotSDMB bio.


Me? Wordy? <i>Never</i>.


I guess I’ll try and come up with something shorter. Everyone keeps telling me it’s too long…

Oh, like we haven’t heard that one before…