Performers you love in a genre you hate

I loathe country music. Okay, there are a few songs/singers I can listen to without wanting to stick icepicks in my ears, but generally… ACK.

But I love Kathy Mattea. Madly. I’ve got every album she ever recorded. I’m playing “Lonesome Standard Time” as I type this, and it’s wonderful. The voice, the songs, the way she sings them… she’s just marvelous.

Any of you find yourself in the same boat – hating one style of music but adoring a particular singer in it? I’ll admit, Kathy Mattea isn’t as country-sounding, especially in her later albums, as a lot of performers in her niche. Maybe that’s part of why I like her. But she’s still country enough that I shouldn’t.

“Sixteen wheels and a dozen roses…”

I love Nightwish even though I don’t like most metal.