Perhaps mundanist and pointlessist post yet

For a year have been having severe medical problems, then major back surgery in Aug, and been on strong painkillers (opiates) for several months. Among the nasty side effects of these are trouble sleeping, although used to sleep like a log. Now I wake up several times during the night to go to the can, and other times for no apparent reason.

Anyway, each time I wake up, I glance at the digital clock. It does not take much to amuse me, but for some weird reason, when the clock reads 11:11 that makes me feel good. Go figure.

Last night I hit the jackpot. I awoke at 11:11, back to sleep awake again at 2:34, slept, and once again I opened my eyes and it was 3:45. Unfortunately, I slept right through 4:56, but hey, I am still thinking about that. As I said, am easily amused.

Pointless enough?

We’ve had far more mundane and pointless stuff than that, though not necessarily from you.
I agree that it is amusing, though I’m wonky with numbers.

I’ve always been partial to 10:01 myself.

Wake me up when it’s 6:78. Then I’ll be interested.

A friend was really fascinated with 11:11. Whenever the clock said that, he’d point it out.

We decided to write some songs together, record them, and release them on tape. He came up with an acoustic guitar song, and titled it 11:11. Early on, we decided that it should be the first cut on the tape. I later wrote a song called The End, which would be the last song. It had an acoustic guitar track. My friend did several takes of it, and finished the final take, which we ended up using…

…at 11:11am.

On Veteren’s Day.

I saw The Amityville Horror as a kid, the original 1979 movie, and was lead to believe that it was a completely factual account. George Lutz woke up to strange occurrences at exactly 3:15 every night. About a week after seeing the movie I woke up and looked at my clock at exactly 3:15 and it scared the SHIT out of me. OK, not literally, but man was I ever scared in my then basement bedroom, by myself.

Evidently, there’s a bunch of people who feel that there’s significance to 11:11.

Just google it and you’ll see tons of stuff on it. I just did and here’s the first listing I found.

The Meaning of 11:11

And I’ve also seen some more negative type comments about that time from other people. I’m glad that your feelings are positive about it.