Perthians: Ever been to Fleet Street (Fremantle)?

I found this awesome looking place by farting around on Google Maps. What goes on there? There seem to be far too many parking spaces for a lighthouse keeper, but it doesn’t seem like a great place to swim, fish, or have a picnic.

Actually, the demonym for residents of Perth is Perthonalities. Seriously.

I’m not one, but I hung out in Freo a little last year. I think you’re talking about the 8-10 parked cars at the end of the breakwater, right? I’d say people probably do fish off the breakwater, or watch the ships leaving from the port, or just enjoy the view. Freo is a pretty nice place, great weather, and even on hot days, the Fremantle Doctor, one of my favourite named winds, cools everyone down nicely.


I does look like a very nice area, but with no beach and no picnic tables, it doesn’t seem like there’s very much to do. Fishing does seem like an option.

This is what I’m talking about, BTW.

Maybe it acts as a make-out spot at night?

Well, sort of.

Perthonalities is a fairly recent construction, and is generally used to refer to personalities (actors, sports stars, socialites, politicians, etc.) who are from Perth. It is not the term that a typical Perth resident would use to describe him or herself.

Fleet Street? I hear you can get a tasty meat pie there, but you should probably pass on getting a shave at the barbershop upstairs…

Maybe it’s just a handy place to park for people who want to toddle around the waterfront.

There’s a barbershop called Sweeney Todd not long from where I work. They have a meat grinder in the window.


I’ve never heard that one before.

That’s what we did when we were in Fremantle a few years - parked the car and went for a stroll on the breakwater.

Plenty of people fish off the rocks. There are boat moorings there.

As for making out, I think it is more like locals (underage) go there and drink booze.

Fremantle is very touristy. I was first there pre Americas Cup in the early 80’s and it was then just a dying Port. Sadly it has lost a lot of that charm but is still picturesque.

And most Perth people should be known as “bogans”.

I’ve been there. It’s just a lighthouse. The parking spaces are probably there because they fit. Parking is at an extreme premium in Fremantle.