Pet Food Recall Strikes Home

Well, at least Costco got in contact with me to tell me. Apparently, the dog food that Quincy and Nordberg have been eating is being recalled. Dammit, I thought we were safe in that. We got caught up in the dragnet as well. Time to go exchange later today, then.

That’s awful! I hope your two doggies stay healthy and they like their new food! Get them a treat while you’re at it!

What food was it?

On the bright side, the only animals I have seen in overt renal failure due to the bad petfood have been cats. I’ve euthanised five cats to date, but every dog I’ve done bloodwork on has been normal.

Scary! I hope Quincy and Nordberg are fine.

I check the recall lists every day now. I even signed up for the “Firm Press Release” email alerts.

Just so I’m sure…it’s still just “wet” dog and cat food, right? Dry food is still ok?

I hope all will go well for your dogs.
I know some dry foods have also been recalled. Go to and they break it down - 6 brands of dry for cats, 5 for dogs.

I am staying away from anything with protein glutens in it now. I don’t totally trust what the pet food companies are telling us.

It was Costco brand called Kirkland. The Lamb and rice variety that comes 12 lamb and rice cans and 12 chicken and rice in a 24 pack.They have recalled the lamb. We called a couple weeks ago and asked if their food was ok. They said it was.

I went to get some more canned food from Costco, but they didn’t have any. I’d assume they took it all off the shelves (the canned food, at least). I was going to get new canned food to see if the food they were selling was past the danger date.