Pet pictures!

Thinking kitty thoughts…

Plotting world domination by cuteness.

Accidentally woke him up.

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You have disturbed the king’s slumber. You may regret that.

I recommend an immediate offering of tribute in the form of food and pats. That may stave off wrath.

Cygnus has been sleeping in my lap like this for about two hours now. I kinda need to stretch my legs but I don’t dare disturb him:

I would not be able to resist tickling the tiny tummy. :slight_smile:

His tummy is very soft and I can’t help but pet it a little. But if I do it too much he shifts a bit and almost wakes. It is a delicate balance.

Weighed down by the heaviest object in the universe… a sleeping cat.

Reposted from @Lancia’s thread, just so no one misses out!

And now for something a little different –
Freak mutant cat with distinctive ears!

From here in Huffpost:
Midas The ‘4-Eared’ Rescue Kitten Is Quadruply Cute

Awwww –

Awww; Vash was curled up to me just like that for a while last night.

That was how I woke up this morning.

Nice start to the day!

– makes it kind of hard to get out of bed, though.

That’s just a kitten in a catsuit, like a child on stilts dressed in a trenchcoat. Cat technology hasn’t been able to prevent the tiny kitten ears from poking out, though.

Kinda makes one wonder, though, how many other extraneous parts that kitten has, that may not be visible.

I was browsing around and accidentally discovered that we had an old “Pet Picture” thread that was closed because at the time we were uploading pictures directly and there wasn’t yet a policy on image posting. Anyway, this is a link to one of the better pictures of Bernie from that thread, at the age of about 9. The caption read: “taken in strong sunlight+shadow inside my van, just a casual snapshot but taken with with an amazing Canon f/1.2 USM lens at maximum aperture”:

Click for full-size.

Bernie is an adorable guy!