Pet pictures!

Fersh? You on the 'nip, too?

Gotta share.

I wish Cygnus was that mellow on the 'nip. Here he is after completely eviscerating a new kick-stick:

He literally tore the “head” off and removed the stuffing (cotton+catnip). And rolled around in it after, pupils dilated.

The local wildlife should be thankful he’s an indoor cat. I’m confident he’d be delivering headless squirrels to my doorstep on a daily basis otherwise. While covered in gore.

No pictures, thankfully, but yesterday we had a baby marmot (that was probably sick) burst from beneath our feet and beeline a hundred yards down the dirt road we were hiking on and basically throw itself into Cole’s mouth. Time’s up. To his credit after the kill Cole did not eat it and responded to recall well. Very weird.

Loki on her gotcha day:

Loki exactly ten years later:

She is still amazingly fast, and one of the best dogs ever.


It shows.

And a whole lot less worried looking than she was in the first picture!

Hah! The first picture was taken when we brought her home from the shelter. She was overwhelmed, but I felt I had to get a pic.

That’s what I figured was going on. She didn’t know you yet; she only knew she was being taken someplace strange by strangers.

Problems? I see no problems that -I- have to deal with!


You have captured distilled essence of cat in that photo.