Philly Police warn public of perv on the loose...

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I would have expected cream cheese in Philly

Philadelphia cream cheese is for more then just your bagel now. :wink:

Can we make bagel a euphemism now?

My coworkers were talking about this guy yesterday! (We’re in the suburbs.) We were trying to figure out how such a specific and bizarre fetish could form.

Still makes no sense how you go from “I’m lonely” → “I’ll masturbate with…cheese!” → “I’ll roam the streets in my car exposing myself to ladies and beg them to touch me with cheese, while wearing cheese on my genitals”


Reported for what?

Cheese, obviously.

I was going to suggest Brie (warmed of course) but cream cheese would make more sense considering the location.

I read about this guy the other day in the Week. If you think being out of shape makes meeting women difficult, a cheese fetish is not going to help.

I fear the DA’s case will be full of holes.

Holy crap, that was punny. :stuck_out_tongue:

It looks like he’s just looking for his Swiss Miss. (Heading to the airport to go to Ohio for a week. The prospect of cold is making me want hot cocoa)

This is whey beyond strange.

I don’t like cheese at the best of times. This is not likely to improve my opinion of the stuff.

He’s probably casien his next victim right now.

In my part of Ohio (southwest), we went from a 50 degree high yesterday to a 28 degree high today. Welcome to Ohio. :rolleyes:

I hope they can get this muenster off the streets soon.

Well, for one thing, it’s a copyvio. This clearly came from another website. It’s also probably spam.

What they get out of this type of spam is hard to say. The best I can come up with is they are testing to see if there are real humans here or trying to see if they can get away with copying articles, with a plan to copy a fake article promoting their own wares later.

Actually, I just wanted to post a funny story in the news, and I linked to the original article. While I do a mean robot dance, I am most assuredly not a bot. What I hoped to get out of posting a funny article was for people to get a chuckle. Sounds like you could use one.

Copying and pasting an entire article is a violation of the publisher’s copyright, whether or not you “just wanted to post a funny story in the news.” Linking to the original article doesn’t make it OK.

Isn’t it silly not to use Philly?