Phrases you Spoonerize

And, I don’t mean every once in a while, or as the punchline of a joke (as, for example, my mother one day asked me if I’d like to go “mock the wall” with her. After a pause, as my brain sorted out what she’d really suggested, I said "no, but I would like to watch).

I’m talking about the ones that happen so consistently (to you or someone you know) that your brain has nearly gotten to the point of Spoonerizing them back to their proper order.

For me, it’s that fab auto place that folks on the West Coast are familiar with: Econo Tube and Loon. I guess you get a rubberized waterfowl with each tuneup.

Also, we have the ever popular phrase “Pickled Tink” which I think is what happens on Pan’s buddy’s day off.

Anyone else? Or does this only happen to me?

well i used to regularly spoonerise “more honey” and “fire truck”…

There’s the ever-popular “swell foop”.

I’m always saying “breknake speed” for “breakneck speed.” Rather odd.

My physics instructor always says: “The earth goes around the moon, and the earth goes around the sun” instead of “The moon goes around the earth, and the earth goes around the sun.” His first language isn’t English, but I’m sure he knows the way it’s supposed to be said! Now I’ve got it stuck in my head: the earth goes around the moon! Luna-centricism, anyone?

Uttered by me, when the dog was jumping on me:

“Nani, get off me with your pet waws.”

I still get reminded of that, 30 years later…

The thing about Spoonerism’s is that they are NOT defined as habitual or addictive ‘faux-pas’.

So, if you want some examples of some one-off hilarious verbal muck-ups…then you’d better start another thread!!!

I still use my Dad’s phrase for diarrhea–“The Shizzling Grits.”

I dread reading the weather forecast when it has the phrase “fog and frost”, because I just know I’m going to say “frog and fost.”

A few years ago a local weatherman said that we could expect flow snurries.

I teach Renaissance art often and whenever I have to talk about a scene occuring on Calvary I suddenly stop dead, confused, as I’m POSITIVE I must have just said Calvary and everyone is staring at me and I can’t figure out what I did just say. I’ve actually started phrasing it all in a totally different way to avoid this inevitable breakdown.

There’s an Irish rebel song called “The Broad Black Brimmer” that I am simply incapable of singing correctly. It always comes out “The Bload Brack Blimmer” (well, sometimes I actually get the last word right).

If you’re talking songs, I always sing an incorrect lyric to Don Henley’s “Boys of Summer.” My brain always changes the part that goes “her brown skin shining in the sun” to “her bra strap shining in the sun.”

BackAsswards is about the only one I use.

My wife once referred to a self-absorbed egotist as a “monolomegaloc.”

I stared at her for several seconds, and then I laughed for an hour. Then I went and wrote it down. :smiley:

Hm. On that note, there was the time I told my father that the gift shop had videotapes of Yellowstone, but none for “Yomemosomite.”

Can I get off the hook by saying we’d been camping for a week, and I hadn’t slept much?

We live in a big house and during cleaning days we refer to the various ‘crooks and nannies’ where dust ends up hiding.

Guess the same could be said about an English muffin.

Years ago I made a mistake in a presentation, referring to the steeply dipping beds of a rock formation as “deeply stipping” and apparently seared it into my brain. Gets me almost everytime.

In the business I work at, we have two main people in sales: Al and Sally. I always Sal and Ally on accident.

On the other hand, when something is really easy, my brother calls it a “walk in the cake”.


I’ve been listening to The Smiths: Singles a lot lately. I try to sing along, but no matter how many times I try I CANNOT say "Leeds side-streets that you slip down " Too many Ls and Ss and Ds. It always comes out something like “Sleed stride street that ya slit now.”

Yew Nork
spork and foon

I try to concentrate when I know I’m about to say them but they inevitably come out wrong.