spoonerism, example: instead of saying “pieces of chicken”, saying “chieces of picken”.

I’m not dyslexic, but lately i’ve been using these more and more, inadvertedly, I might add.

Anyone know why that is? Could it be fatigue? Am I going senile at the tender age of 27?

I don’t even notice when I do so, it has to be pointed out to me, which is kinda weird…

I think it’s just a brain fart, and it happens all the time to lots of people. There’s a performer (Terry Foy, a/k/a Zilch the Torysteller) who actually makes a living at it.

Swon’t deat it.

I love spoonerisms!

might be!:wink:

I wouldn’t worry about it too much, elfje. We all slip up periodically, and as long as you aren’t showing other signs of impending dimentia (disorientation, personality changes, fantatical admiration of Barry Manilow, etc.), you’re probably not going senile.

Enjoy your Spoonerisms! They’re fun.

My favorite: The Dear Old Queen -> The Queer Old Dean.

For Spooner History Buffs

Love, Kn*ckers
P.S.: Hey, elfje - looks like you’re new to the SDMB. Welcome!!

“It is kisstomary to cuss the bride.”

“Mardon pee madam, but this pie is occupewed. May I sew you to another sheet?”

On the contrary, you are a shining wit :smiley:

Did you eat paint chips as a child?

Straight Dope Staff Report: Who was Dr. Spooner of " spoonerism" fame?

Inadvertent spoonerisms are probably what Dr Spooner himself committed. Nothin’ much to worry about, it’s just getting your turds wisted.

It happens. I get my turds wangled all the time.

Now there’s a smart feller.

On the “blooper reel” of the “Usual Suspects” DVD, Gabriel Byrne was supposed to say “There is no Keyser Soze.” Instead, he starts to say “There is no Sizer Ko–” and catches himself. (Note: “Sizer Kozy” would not mean anything, it was just an amusing twing tuster.)

A classic one is “dain bramage.”

When I was a kid of eleven (in 1966), I came up with a truly great spoonerism:

“Hey, Mom (I asked), what would you get if you lined up the heavenly bodies two by two?”

“I don’t know,” said my mother.

“Paired Planethood!” I answered.

I haven’t come up with anything as good since. Sigh!

thanks you guys, especially kn*ckers (tnx 4 the welcome) and Usram (nice one, shining wit ;-p ).

My mind is at ease now that i know it’s not a very early form of Alzheimers…

one of my favourites has to be Astronoot Sort.

I like “no intense offended,” it almost makes sense.

I do them all the time. I attribute it to speaking too fast. I try and control it but if I’m not thinking about it I’ll talk a mile a minute and trip over my tongue lots.

My fave was always:

“The Lord is a shoving leopard.”


Back in my BBS days, when Off-line readers were the rage, people used taglines, which were kind of like sigs. One line of jokes, silliness, whatever.

There was a guy on Fidonet who drove me even crazier than everyone else on Fidonet, because he would “sign” his taglines. For some reason that bugged me, especially since they weren’t nearly as witty as he thought they were.

The one that drove me bonkers was this:

“Sleudian Frip”. That’s all. Every time I saw it, my brain went crazy. "What the hell? Sleudian Frip? That’s not a Freudian slip, that’s a spoonerism of “Freudian slip.” What’s the frickin point?

Sorry, didn’t mean to go crazy again. It just has that effect.


I am not a pheasant plucker, I’m a pheasant pluckers son,
But I’ll keep plucking pheasants 'til the pheasant plucker comes.

My favortie was the (alleged) old live radio ad with the buxom blonde holding up a loaf of Wonder Bread as the announcer intones:

Wonder. For the breast in bed.