Ever get two words/phrases mixed up in your mouth?

I almost bumped into somebody in the hallway this morning and was thinking both “Excuse me” and “Sorry” and my mouth tried to do both and it out came, “Scarzy.”


She must have thought I was nuts.

You got your tangue tongled. :slight_smile:


All the time. I used to have a really bad stutter, and now it’s much less noticable. However I still mix up words and stumble verbally at times. I think it’s a main reason I prefer email and IM to the phone.

Mrs. Slinger does this sort of thing all the time, and it’s so cute. Once, when talking about how she often makes fun of herself, she remarked that her sense of humor was “self-defecating.”

So close, and yet…

(Actually, I suppose that means almost the same thing as what she meant to say.)

I mess up “Thank You” and “You’re Welcome”
I cashier, and say “Thank You” back to people who say it to me. When I’m out at stores as a customer and the cashier says it to me, both phrases seem to come out at the same time.

This thort of sing ras waised to a fart orm by the Speverend Rooner! :slight_smile:

My best friend is responsible for a phrase that has lasted now for over six years - “maintignity”. He was trying to “maintain my[his] dignity” whilst controlling a videogame character, but somehow he managed to “maintignity” and thus a legend was born.

My personal favourite is “obscane”. Nearly five or six years later I still don’t know whether I was trying to say “obscene” or “insane”. But I like it.

I did this today. I called mom at work, her department secretary transferred my call to another room. Some other woman picked up, and I was thinking “holding for” and “looking for.” I ended up starting to say “I’m hooking for --” and caught it. :eek:

This is sort of the premise behind the (rather silly) drinking game Fuzzy Duck (or Ducky Fuzz)

I suppose you could play it sober but it works much better when not entirely sober.




I was talking to my mother this morning about the high winds predicted for this afternoon and how one should be careful if one is driving “on the internate” oops “internet” um, no “interstate”.

My recent one was with spray paint= spraint

It happens to me constantly. I have a slight speech impediment, so things often come out garbled unless I phrase what I’m saying in my head first.