Spoonerism Ahoy!

I just discovered my favorite Spoonerism to date (as told to me by a friend):

Cop Porn! [sub]Popcorn[/sub]

Just thought I’d share.

Damn, I thought it was that other thing, you know, like, “I love Asian boys!” Esprix said gaily.

Um, er… Marth Daul!

I dunno, I’m grasping here…


This is the reason I’ll never be able to eat at FudRuckers.

Useless Fact: The term “spoonerism” came from the Reverend William Spooner, who was quite adept at making mistakes like that. For example, at a wedding ceremony, he once stated that “is is kisstomary to cuss the bride.”

Oh, and Esprix, the things you’re think of are Tom Swifties.

Some good ones here. I love these things.

Yes, Spoonerisms are fun. I welcomed Ukulele Ike back from Ireland by telling him how much we missed his shining wit around here.

Heh heh heh.

I had intended to promote another doctrine in this thread, but I don’t want to do that when I’ve just metathesis.

Didin’t he do one about his sovereign, the queer old Dean?

I’ve always been keen on the Dickens novel “A Sale of Two Titties” myself.

Um… Jeremy’s Iron?

Huh, “spoonerism” you say?

My mother always used to put seed in the ‘beedfirder,’ but I figured that was because she still had minor problems with the English language.

It’s phonetic. Don’t be picky.

This is my favourite all time spoonerism, because I came up with it a) deliberately and b) all by myself. So don’t laugh. Or do. But in a nice way. Sadly it requires a small bit of background.

We knew this guy, name of Matt Brown. He was boring. My friend pointed out that this was apt, as “Matt Brown” was a pretty dull colour. We liked this, and repeated it a lot. (That’s the advantage of having a little mind - all these pleasing little things.)
Months later (yeah, I know) it occured to me the aforementioned Matt had been (wait for it)

"damned by a paint phrase."

Following this success (I use the term wrongly), I almost worked up the courage to tell an attractive and feisty friend of mine that she was “a gritty pearl”. (As Spooner would say, I’m a wimpy wuss.)

And you know when you have a barbecue but it gets foggy (happens all the time in Scotland)? “Mist to the grill”.

Now I have to go and re-examine my life in the light of the above.

ANyone here remember offline mail readers and taglines? Well they were kind of like sig files. Anyway, there was this one guy that drove me crazy because he would write these godawful stupid taglines and sign them, like they were a work of art or something.

One of these gems was:

“Sleudian Frip. [SLR]”

(The SLR is the signature.)

It drove me CRAZY because I was like, “You dipshit, that doesn’t make any sense! That’s not a Freudian Slip, that’s a spoonerism!” I would tell this to people and was amazed at how many people equated Fruadian Slip with Spoonerism. Am I nuts here? Have other people encountered this?

Does anyone else have the theme from “Cops” running through their head now?

“Cop Porn, Cop Porn”

I wish I could think of more- someone will have to finish it for me.
Gives a new meaning to training films, huh?

Here’s a ball, Ender. Why don’t you bounce it? :smiley:


white lines: light wines
might be: bite me
all smiles: small isles

Once read an adults’ version of Cinderella (“Dyslexic Cinderella”) in which the sisters are called Betty Swollocks and Mary Hinge.

In the summer I go fimming and swishing, and in the winter I snovel show until my eggs lake.

Yes, he of the “Twenty-one Sun Galoot”

His best has to be: “Mardon me, padam. This pie is occupewed. May I sew you to another sheet?”

Oh, my family has lots of these. I think we have tips of the slung hardwiring.
Here is only a few…

sharpet campooer
falories from cat
I need an ersket[sub]escort[/sub]
shirton your butt