Pickup lines that worked for you

The one that worked for me was:

“Nice hat!!”

To a lady wearing a very nice black hat, and a VERY lowcut top.

I wasn’t paying much attention to the hat… and she could tell…

I married her 3 years later! :smiley:

I saw a cute guy making eyes at me at a club so I went up and asked him to dance.
He replied: ‘I’ve been wanting to ask you to dance all night but I was afraid to because you’re so beautiful’

We dated until I moved away. What can I say, it was a good line.

All time worst pickup line that worked:
“Hey, we’re going upstairs to hook up now”…no, not even phrased as a question
(In my defense it was sort of understood that we liked each other, and the party was boring)

What’s up?
Do you want to come back to my dorm room and see my collection of imported beer? (unfortunately for the girl it was some shit Canadian equivalent of Schlitz)
Do you want the tour of the fraternity house?
Of course the greatest pickup line I ever heard was:
“Who Wants To Sex Mutombo?”

Here’s one I sprung last week on a girl I talked to briefly at a bar.

1cS: looks furtively from side to side, lowers voice Hey, who do I have to kill in here to get your number?

Girl: grins Oh, there are a few people I could think of, but they aren’t here.

1cS: OK, clearly what you need to do is give me the digits and take a raincheck on the murder.

Girl: OK. :slight_smile:

We’re going out tonight. :smiley:

Well, if relationships based on The Simpsons can’t work out, then I have lost all faith in mankind.

hah, a chick that can take a joke like that may well be a keeper

“Hello. I’m incredibly wealthy…”
Yeah, I know. It was Les Nessman but it’s a great line

“Damn, the band went on break just when I got here. Were they any good?”

I can’t think of any pick up lines I’ve ever used. I probably have but, well I’m a chick so I usually just work by sitting in the corner in something lowcut.

But my favourite is from my SO online, who sent me a message from the online board I posted to that while he was 3500 miles away, talked about the fact that he noted my location and said he had been there, even into my place of employment and ended with “I never knew you were so close.”

I melted.

We talked online every night, talked on the phone for 12 hours the first time. He flew the 3500 miles and drove some more just to see me, we lived together for a year. We’re 3500 miles away again but we’re still…so close.

Here are some lines that at least lead to conversations:

“Hi, I’m ______(insert name). You’re a really good dancer.” This only works if the person was dancing.

Friends have used the following lines:

“Hi, do you want an American boyfriend?” This only works if you are in another country.

When a woman fans herself because it’s warm, the guy says, “I often have that effect on woman.”

This approach I saw on a TV show hosted by Louis Th____ that was very effective:

Approach a woman while reading a magazine or book with interesting pictures, and ask the woman what she thinks of a picture. Then compliment her on her energy or some other intangible quality. Then the smartest move of all is when the guy says, “I really would like to talk with you some more, how can I see you again?” This way the woman doesn’t feel threatened and gets to choose the way she is contacted. I saw a guy on TV pick up three women in this manner on the streets of LA.

This I wouldn’t suggest but I heard it during a poetry reading:

Today’s my birthday. Show me your t*ts.

As I was saying goodbye leaving a party, a girl I’d been talking to earlier gave me a hug and said, “You’re almost too tall to hug.” Me, being drunk and horny, responded with, “Perhaps. But am I too tall to kiss?” She says, “Perhaps. Lets go find out.”

We never ended up dating, due to distance issues (and suspended driver license issues), but are still pretty good friends.

I have hope that one day Zaphod’s line of “Hey baby, I’m from a different planet. Wanna see my spaceship?” will work, but no luck yet.

“Excuse me, you seem to have something in your eye…oh, I see, it’s a sparkle.”

“Do you take MasterCard?”

Would you like to bet on that?

OneCent! That is cool! Congratulations!
But what if she had pointed someone out? :eek:

I dunno…she was pretty hot. I think I could at least have laid a good beating on someone for her.

Yeah, they’re not worth dating. You know, because they aren’t real people.

car troubles?

I’ve falled for that line before!

Please tell me that you didn’t use the past tense to describe her.

Your date is tonight, right? Didn’t go well?

What does being a “real person” have to do with wanting to date someone?

My (admitedly exaggerated) point is that women don’t unilaterally decide when dating happens. I know plenty of women (even attractive ones) who wanted to get with a guy who turned them down.