Pickup lines that worked for you

A recent spam thread (No, I won’t link to it. It was spam.) has got me thinking. What was you most successful pick up line? The only successful line I’d ever used was, “Have you got a cigarette?”

It wasn’t as much of a pick-up line, as a way to start a conversation. It worked. We went out for a month.

What were yours?

“Hi, I always see you here but I never talk to you.”

“Nice handbag!”

“Hello again.”

Not actually a pickup, but like yours, resulted in a conversation. That last one resulted in a dinner.

Since I’ve only had two girlfriends, I guess I can’t really say I’ve picked up many women. The closest I’ve come would probably be “Hey! I haven’t seen you for ages. Want to go to coffee?”

As with both of you, not really a pickup line.

I was on the BC Ferries once, and I was eating alone (moving to University). I noticed this girl kept looking over, and then getting kind of embarrassed that I’d caught her looking. Eventually she left and I went for a walk on the deck outside. I was talking to an older guy, and he left after a few minutes only to reveal this girl standing on the other side of him, about 4 feet away. So I walked over and said “Well, if you’re going to stalk me, I may as well introduce myself.”

She blushed so hard I thought she was having trouble breathing… We only went out twice but still pretty good.

Another one that my friend pulled off to meet his current girlfriend is one of the best I’ve ever heard of. He was stuck in rush hour and realized there was a girl next to him, so he grabbed a pen and paper and wrote “Stuck in traffic? Let’s be stuck together. 604 555 1234.”


I walk out of a store and see this hottie reading my license plate frame. I said “and ex girlfriend gave me that”
the frame says “Proud to be an Orgasm Donor”

This one worked on me this week:
I went into my bank and the girl, one I’d never seen, said, as she was counting my modest cash deposit : “So, do you have any weekend plans?”
I replied “We could go out if you’d like. Any movies you wanted to see?”
And a date was made!

I’ve never used on but my friend Melissa had great luck with “You look really familiar, how do I know you?”. It’s brilliant because it provides an opportunity for conversation and lets you know the social circle and activities of the pick-up-ee.

You may not think much of me but right now I’m the only guy in the bar talking to you.

“Hey, can I see your titties?”

One kinda worked. In the sense that I was probably going to get some anyway that night, but the line sealed the deal.

Me: So, how’s that working out for you?
Her: How’s what working out for me? :confused:
Me: Being gorgeous. :cool:
Her: :o (using this smiley as both the embarrassed smiley, and the BJ smiley.)

I’ve shared this one before but here goes…

Way back when dinosaurs roamed the earth, when I was young and cute, I read a bunch of possible pick up lines for girls to use on guys from some Ladies’ magazine or another (probably cosmo).

The only one I really liked and thought doable went something like this.

You saw a guy you thought was cute and you said, holding your wrist out toward him, “how many kisses do you think it would take to get from my wrist to my neck?”

So, I bravely tried it one night. The guy looked at me, gently took hold of my wrist, placed it against my neck, kissed my neck and said “one”.

DAMN! Unfortunately, that’s all the bravado I had. That is, just enough to have pulled the stunt in the first place. IIRC, I giggled, made some conversation, and (still kicking self) LET him GO!

I was making some small talk with a pretty young lass and she was speaking of some choices she had by way of technical schooling and scholarships and one of her choices was to become a perfusionist.

I queried, “What is a perfusionist?”.

She replied, “It’s basically the person who stops the heart during surgeries and monitors the heart and lung bypass machine.”

I cheezed the quip with flapping hand over heart, “That’s the perfect profession for you, because you are definitely a HEARTSTOPPA!”

A moment of hesitation, the processed cheeze, a blush, and finally a giant smile… mission accomplished.

Of course, wheteher it “worked” or not is entirely subjective. I didn’t get her number nor ask her on a date as she was from out of town and just visiting a friend.

I made her smile, that’s enough for me.

Want to smoke with me?

Not referring to tobacco.

Three or four Led Zeppelin songs later, and we were making out.

Two lines have worked very well for me “Hi” and “Do you speak English.”

In bars, it’s the girls who chose the guys. They have off the signals that they’re interested in you and then you go and talk to them. It’s not really that difficult.

The second line was a good chance to gauge interest. Any Japanese can at least say “hello” and if she’s interested, she’ll try.

Obviously you have never been hit on by an ugly fat chick.

He approached me. I said, “Can’t talk, eating.”

(I was really hungry!)

Yes, it actually worked, in so far as we ended up in bed together.

No, the relationship didn’t work out. Surprising, I know.

“Hey, You, Come here.”

I’m a girl. Pretty much that makes it easier.

Honey, there’s nothing on TV tonight… :smiley: