Stories of pick up lines working

Inspired by the current thread on pick up lines, I started wondering how often, if ever, they have been successful.

That is: random guy walks up to a woman he doesn’t know, uses a pick-up line, she likes it, and they end up in bed that night.

Has this ever happened to you? If yes, are you a woman or a man?

If the woman ends up with the guy despite the pick up line, i.e. if the pick up line is bad and she ends up with him only because he is hot, it doesn’t count. It only counts if it is the pick up line that made her look at him in a positive light.

It depends on how broadly you want to define “pickup line”. Technically a pick up line is any opening line you approach a woman with who you intend to have a sexual relationship with.

Bear in mind a woman typically has figured out in 30 seconds whether you are someone she might want to get with. So the purpose of a pickup line isn’t to suddenly impress her with your wit and charm. It is to open up communications in such a way that she will feel comfortible with you and that you don’t make yourself look like an idiot or her feel like a slut.

I’ve found the most effective pickup line to be some variation of “hi”.

Used one that got the woman into bed the same night? It’s been a really long time. Used one that got a number? Occasionally. Used one that opened up a fantastic conversation? Almost daily. Twice this morning, in fact.

That said, my pickup lines are not the cheesy “Hey baby. know what I like best in you? Me!” types. I either say something funny about the environment, or I go for a sincere (almost over the top) compliment. Or I just say hi.

You want a story? I was crossing the street a couple of weeks ago, and some moron stopped a train in the middle of the street. It blocked off both car and foot traffic. I casually mentioned to a girl behind me “Someone needs to give that guy a ticket.” She asked “Really?” “Well yeah, look at the lousy parking job!” She laughed.

I kind of lost track of her, but then saw her again when I got on the subway. I just started talking to her like she was an old friend. We got so absorbed in deep conversation that… I missed my stop.

I’m not sure I agree with this. I’d change “intend to have a sexual relationship with” to “intend to get to know a little.” Yesterday I opened a conversation with a really cute girl who was really nice and really smart, but after a few minutes of conversation, it became clear that she really wasn’t my type.

As my college roommate used to say, “it only has to work once.”

It’s quantity, not quality.

Technically not a pickup line, since we’d already had a date, but I think I started falling in love with my husband when he called the next day and said “Do you miss me yet?”

Yeah, but if you have any intention on anything beyond a warm hole, ladies don’t particularly care for a guy they’ve seen strike out with the same line over and over as they make their way through a party. I have seen this. I guess it was kind of funny, but that guy was not getting any. Maybe if he’d made a joke of it, made it obvious, he could have gotten a laugh or a date out of someone, but he was trying and failing to be subtle. Or he could have found a mic and announced that he had one line and one line only and could all the ladies in the house please listen up and let him know who it would work on, if anyone?

In retrospect, maybe he was some sort of decoy or prop, because his idiocy provided great conversation for my friends and the boy strangers with whom we were observing the scene.

I never met the guy, but I met some of his friends.

Apparently his “line” is to smack women on the ass. Eight out of ten women hate it, but the other two out of ten are the types he likes anyway.

I imagine he gets slapped a lot.

Girl in library: “I live nearby. How about a cup of cocoa?”
Me: “Sure.”

Girl in pub, not quite getting the vibe that I was just there by myself to drink Guinness and read Ulysses because it was June 16th: “You look so tense, hunched over like that. I’m learning Reiki massage, can I see if I can fix that?”
Me: “Sure.”

I don’t think these lines worked on their own merits so much as I was shamefully easy when I was younger.

If I weren’t married they’d work on me now.

The only problem is getting women to say them to me.

Gee I wonder why.

Well if we’re going to define “pick up line” as “anything that initiates a conversation,” then everyone has been successful with lines many times. I’m thinking of pick up lines as something closer to “Come here often?” or one of my favorites, “You look so nice, I’d drink your bathwater,” which is disgusting by the way.

FWIW, back in college I personally observed a guy who, on a whim/dare, walked up to women at a crowded party and simply asked, “Hi - wanna f*ck?” He eventually got a “Sure”, and AFAIK, did have sex with her immediately after.

I do have one that I use all the time (sorry, I’m not going to share it online) that’s most definitely a come-on. When it backfires it can be pretty bad, but it works about 95% of the time. The beauty of it is that it works best on really attractive women. I used it last week when I was out to dinner with Robot Arm. I used it and then said I had to leave. I would have stayed, but there was nowhere for me to sit and Robot Arm was halfway out the door. I left the poor girl with a look on her face that said “You’re leaving? This is the part where you sweep me off my feet!”

I was at a party and my brother, who drove, had to leave. He asked one of his female friends who I had met before if she would drive me home and she agreed. When the time came she asked me “should I take you home or should I take you home?” She took me home and I (or was it she? or both of us?) scored a homerun!

You do realize that it is morally wrong to pull the “There’s this thing I know, but I’m not going to tell you” move, don’t you?

Yeah, I almost regret posting that.

It’s basically a variation on “I have to meet you because you’re really pretty.”

I had seen this one girl crossing the street a few times and one day I stopped her and told her that if she didn’t have dinner with me that night I was going to kill myself. She told me she would hate to be responsible for my death and we dated for the best part of a year. She was a real babe, too; that’s been forty four or forty five years ago and I still miss her from time to time. God, I’d like to be young and pretty again.

You suck, tbn.

OK, fine.

“You’re so cute I just had to come and meet you.”