pictures of fruit inside different fruit?

Back in the 1980’s we used to buy photographs of fruit inside other fruit. For example, inside an apple would be an orange. (If I remember correctly sometimes there was other foods, like eggs). It wasn’t photoshopped, but the guy actually physically put the two fruits together. Very cool stuff.

We lived in San Francisco at the time, but I don’t know if he was a local artist or this was a nationwide thing.

Anyone remember it? Know the guys name? Does he still do it - and if so, how has Photoshop affected his work and audience?

I remember them, but I couldn’t tell you who did them. They’d occasionally turn up in a dentist’s office or an office lobby.

Yes, they were very weird. And I didn’t know they’d been actually staged as you described. I thought they were a result of some trick photography.

Still wondering about this - anyone know?

Didn’t we go through this already? :wink:

I remember them too from the same area and time. Also things like a broccoli ‘tree’ with fruit hanging down from it.

I can’t find any images that I saw back then, but that sort of ‘art’ is still being done.

found mine, a pineapple sliced to reveal watermelon inside, and a lemon cut open to spill out a raw egg white and yolk.

On the back of each, it says:

Incredible Edibles
146 Everson Street.
San Francisco, Calif 94131
Tel. (415) 771-1433

Copyright Incredible Edibles 1969

I have the same set, Qadgop! There is a third with a pear inside the peel of an orange.

Family lore says that my great grandmother won them in some sort of newspaper crossword contest but that doesn’t make sense, and would put the timing much too early anyway if they are from 1969. I suspect someone called them ugly and my grandmother made up the story to avoid admitting paying for them. I don’t care, though. I inherited them and they are proudly displayed in my dining room.

Yes, we have more someplace in storage too. Including the broccoli trees with cherries dangling from the branches, and a few others I don’t presently recall. I inherited my collection too.

I’ve not been able to turn up anything by googling the info I included above, though.

Found a few photos on google images

lots more on ebay. Seems they enjoyed some popularity as jigsaw puzzles.

One link proclaims: “inspired by the art of Ed Pardee”

Here’s an article about the phenomenon and artist from 1986:,3724664

Well, that told me more than I wanted to know on the topic.

Just google “ed pardee” and “incredible edibles” and you’ll find lots of info.

FWIW, the artist name is Ed Pardee. eBay has a set of 6 for sale.

Isn’t there some sort of prohibition in Leviticus against this sort of thing? :wink:

I have five of these pictures for sale.

Reported. (Linda555555)

Try eBay, Linda. This isn’t a marketplace.

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