Pineapple Jello

RE this column: not that anyone cares, but since this column was written Jello has begun to make pineapple flavored Jello. So I guess there was demand. I’ve never tried it though. Has anyone?

I’ve had it. It’s as good as any other Jello, but I like it as I’m partial to pineapple-flavoured stuff. Hard to find in the average grocery, though - you may need to find one big enough that they can afford to devote shelf space to flavours other than the top 10.

I’ve had it from another manufacturer (not Jello brand), and I very much liked it.

Hey, they have pina colada Jello!

do they have walks in the rain jello? :slight_smile:

Or puddling that feels like the ocean
and Jello that tastes like champaigne

I couldn’t get that tune out of my head, so figuring that if you can’t beat them, join them. It was pina coladas for the canoe crew this evening.

Glad to have contributed!