Pink Elephant

Ok, “pinkish” might be a better description.

Pics and story here.

I hope the little guy finds a way to adapt despite the disadvantage of being albino in such a sunny environment.

I am also reminded of the article that was discussed on here a while back of how albino HUMANS get mistreated in some parts of Africa:

So that’s where he disappeared to! I thought maybe I had finally sobered up.



but… itza DORBLE BABY ELERFINT innit!

LOL- this is timely.

My DD (who turns 13 today) just sent me his email:

“Hi Ama!! This is officially my new e-mail address. My old one is invalid now so you can’t send me anything, but rather redirect your pictures of elephants and stuff to this one if you want to contact me.
Peace out.”

Cute little guy!

He’s so adorable but it makes me so sad knowing he probably won’t live to adulthood. He can’t walk in his mother’s shade forever, and even while he can I’m sure he’s still going to have problems with that skin.