Pirate day, in video game

Okay, this is as mundane and pointless as you can get.

  I have a copy of "Sid Meier's Pirates" for my X-Box. So on Sept. 19 (International Talk Like a Pirate Day), I plugged it in to play a bit. The game seemed to be talking like a pirate as well. Sentences sudenly began with "Arrrr" or "Avast" or "Shiver me timbers". "You are here" was replaced with "Ye be here".

When I played the game yesterday, the extra pirated talk was gone. 

It seems the programers couldn't resist adding a little "Pirattitude" to the game, on that day.  :cool:

It would be too predictable if my reply was in Pirate lingo.

I remember that if you played **You Don’t Know Jack ** on Christmas Day, the game would make a comment about it. Those crazy programmers!

Yeah, one of the design principles of the You Don’t Know Jack games was to make the “Host” seem as human as possible, so he recognized if and made fun of you if you were playing on a holiday or a Friday night. The game also would yell at you if you took to much time to do certain actions, and most later versions used questions that referenced earlier questions in the same game.

The first time I knew of anything like this happening was when my friend played Dark Castle on Christmas Day, 1987, and a Christmas Tree appeared in one room where a suit of armor had stood before.


Ha! I remember that game. Back in high school, my computer teacher got a copy of that. He was screwing around, and typed in “Fuck You” for an answer.

Jack responded "Fuck Me? No, Fuck YOU!! Asshole. Where do you get off treating me like that… blah blah

It was the funniest thing ever. We could never get it to repeat that tirade, though.

In Kingdom of Loathing, if you wore a pirate costume to Pirate Cove on Talk Like a Pirate Day, you got a plastic sword worth millions of dollars. My friend and I were both pretty annoyed, since neither of us has access to the area (me because I was a noob, and he because he’d ascended days earlier).