Pirate Thread

Avast, ye scurvy dopers. Scrape off ye barnacle encrusted keypads and post ye messages like the pirate methinks you are.

Arrr, I’ve got meself a barrel of rum…

Ahoy matey!! And just who do ye think ye be to order me to post? Hand over the rum, ye land-lubbin’ dog afore I give ye a wooden leg to match ye hook fer a hand.

I am not left-handed!

I’m so lame.

I am not left handed either!

Now let us get us a crew together so we be able to rape and pillage the IMHO forum. AARRRGGH! Eponymous is to be our captian, this being his thread and all, so’s as long as I gets to be the 1st mate.

{Squawk} Keel haul {Squawk}
{Whistle} Pieces of eight, Pieces of eight. {Squawk - Whistle}

I’m a parrot. Get it?

Just don’t shit on my shoulder and we’ll get along fine.

Arrgh! All I needs now is a comely wench to “walk my plank” if you get my drift, arrrr, arrr!

Cap’ Crunchy Frog, we are out of Crunchberries and I am so forlorn I don’t know what I am going to do.


Avast, Crunchy Frog!! As me first mate, ye be in charge of ye Straight Dope Jolly Roger. I hasten to me captain’s quarters, as I’ve become besotten with rum…Arrr!!!

And, for the official record, I actually have a pirate flag in my cubicle. No kidding.

{Squawk - Whistle} Could I get a frickin’ cracker over here? {Squawk}