pitting my aunt, my cousin, and the creepy child molester.

I’m just got off the phone with my aunt and I’m so angry I don’t quite know where to begin. Seems my cousin’s live-in love of her life has recently been featured at http://www.perverted-justice.com. Turns out this was the first time he was caught, but not the first time he’s done this. He’s currently being prosecuted for having sex with three young girls, ranging in age from 10 to 15. At the moment, he is to have no contact with children under the age of eighteen.

My cousin has two daughters, ages 9 and 13 who live with their father but in the past spent weekends with her. When their father found out about the pedophile thing, he stopped allowing my cousin to take the girls for the weekend and has since gone to court to have restrictions placed on their visitations with her. My cousin may go to their house to see them, or visit with them in a “safety zone,” with a social worker present. She’s not allowed unsupervised visits because even after being told that she had to keep the girls away from “Romeo,” she would bring them to her home while he was present.

My aunt vehemently denies that “Romeo” here molested either of the girls, but I have my suspicions. I hope he didn’t, but given his history, I have to wonder.

Prior to this recent disclosure, my cousin and “Romeo” had planned on taking the girls on a vacation this month, but their father refused to allow it.

My aunt, the grandmother of these children, is furious that her daughter’s access to the girls is being restricted. She refuses to see that it’s in the best interests of the children, and not done out of spite. I tried to get her to see reason, but now I’m on her list of people conspiring to hurt my cousin.

These are young girls, and they need protection from this monster who’s hurt at least three other children in the past. As their grandmother, she should be fighting tooth and nail to keep them safe, as should their mother. Don’t give me that “He’s such a good man. He’d never hurt the girls.” bull. He’s flipping admitted to not only cheating on my cousin, but to cheating on her with children!!! :eek:

I just don’t understand it.

Stay on that list, it’s the right place to be.

well, at least he’s straight.

Please elaborate on that comment.

I was going to say that I hope you’re joking, but even if that’s a joke, it’s offensive.


Whenever I encounter pervert-rage I find myself reflecting on the fact that, for much of my life, the same kind of rage was directed at me, including by some family members. My unconscious reaction, with that background, has often been, “He should count himself lucky; they’d hate him even MORE if he were gay.” Not logical, necessary, and certainly more about me than about the OP, on whose side I am 100%. Just an unnecessarily cryptic reflection on the nature of sexual hatred.

lissener, you don’t have to post the first thing that pops into your head in response to a horrific tale. Many of us here would really prefer you didn’t.

I hope the kids will be all right, Amberlei.

I’m pretty leary of vigilante justice websites.
Has the guy in question been charged by the police with any crimes?

Has he been convicted?

I worked for my county’s Children & Youth Agency for three months. It boggled my mind the number of spouses/SOs who would completely ignore instructions from the Agency (after substantiated reports had been made on the perp) to not allow their children to be alone (or, in some cases, be with at all) with the perp.

“He didn’t do anything to those kids!” is common. “He wouldn’t hurt OUR kids” is also common. “He’s their FATHER! You can’t just cut him out of their lives!” was a favorite. Denial is a way of life in these cases.

And for those who think all CPS or CYA departments are overly eager to remove children from their parents, let someone who’s read megabytes of case dictation tell you, it’s not true. In many cases, my untrained reaction to some of these situations was “Why aren’t they taking those kids?!” The agencies bend over backwards to protect the children WITHIN THE FAMILY. The ultimate goal, except in cases where parents show NO desire to bother changing the dangerous environment the children were removed from, is reunion.

What is it that makes women side with men over their own children?

I would love an answer to this question.

My ex had to “farm out” her children to relatives since she wasn’t able to care for them, and one of said children went to ex’s mother, who is still married to the man who raped my ex from the age of 10 until the age of 17. It’s been two years since I spoke to my ex and I probably never will again, but I still worry about that little girl.

Generally speaking, I frown on vigilante justice also. The reason I mentioned the site in the post is that they are the ones who first notified authorities about this guy. He’s been charged with several crimes, including possession of child pornography, statutory rape, solicitation of a minor, first degree rape of a child, second degree rape of a child, and third degree rape of a child. The differing degrees relate to the age of the children involved. He has not been convicted, but he has admitted to my cousin that the incidents all did occur.

Good god. I don’t understand how some women could even stand to be in the same vicinity as these monsters, much less want to put their children within harms reach!

Honestly, how can you possibly justify being in a relationship with a man who has admitted to raping children? How could you have anything but contempt for someone like that?

I’ll never understand it.

I can only ask “What the hell is she thinking”? This SOB even admitted that he is such a lowlife creep? I really do hope you have a cousin Vinny or uncle Luca who can have “a talk” with this guy fast. I mean it, I am not joking in the least. Meanwhile, get the police, the court, child welfare, anyone and everyone involved. You need to get rid of this guy, and get the kids away from her.

Holy crap. He admitted to raping little girls, and they’re still sticking up for him? shudder I can’t understand it either.

How horrible does your self-esteem have to be to actually be in a relationship with someone like that? I mean, nearly anyone out there can find someone better than a child rapist as a partner…

I find it fucking sad that you apparently have more concern for her grandkids than she does! Holy shit!

(I would assume that the website is about registered sex offenders, and not just a vigilanti site, no?)

No, the site is about members of the site semi-baiting people into meeting underage people (sex implied).

They then harass these people by posting publicly available personal information on their messageboard, calling them, their jobs, their churches, neighbors, etc. And they revel in it.

Granted, it’s inexcusable to use minors for sex, but that’s what we have a justice system for, no?

So much for innocent until proven guilty, I guess. :rolleyes:

Not sure what your beef is here…according to the OP the guy’s being prosecuted right now. He hasn’t been convicted yet, but he hasn’t been allowed to get away scot-free yet either. Here’s hoping the justice system puts him well out of reach of Amberlei’s little cousins and their numbskull relatives.

What’s your point?

You mean like Ted Kennedy and Bill Clinton…right?