Pitting Steophan


This is a great username / quote combo. There is nothing quite being told to harden up by someone who used a name a four-year old girl would give to the family pet. Seriously, Boo Boo Foo?

Especially in a post using a coy asterisk to tone down the all-caps obscenity. :smiley:

Mary had a little sheep
And with her sheep she went to sleep
The sheep turned out to be a ram
So Mary had a little lamb

And the jury is still out on the lamb’s effectiveness at STD prevention.

Steophan is still a big fan of murderous scumbags in this thread:

And just as a fun reminder, here’s the post where he praises a convicted child-murderer, Michael Dunn, who killed an unarmed teen in his car and then shot at the other kids in the car while they were fleeing, as (these are Steophan’s exact words) “the sort of people normal people want around them” who were just “trying to improve their lives and those of the people around them”. Despite later saying Dunn was wrong to shoot at the fleeing kids, he has still never repudiated these words of praise for convicted child-murderer Dunn, seemingly trying to pretend again and again that he never said them.

No, I’m a fan of the law being applied correctly, which means that Rittenhouse and Zimmerman are not murderous anythings. As I’ve said repeatedly in that thread though, despite your disingenuity in only linking to the OP, Arbery’s murderers were shown to not have been defending themselves but instead were attempting to assault and kidnap Arbery before they killed him. Nuance, something you should try sometime instead of getting upset every time a thug like the idiots that attacked Rittenhouse get what they deserve.

You remain a liar, a hypocrite, and a person with no coherent moral code. You want people to live in fear of criminals, by not only wanting to prevent them from protecting themselves but also by preventing the police from protecting them. You are the reason it is so hard to vote for anything resembling even centre-left policies that might benefit people including myself, because it means putting myself at unacceptable risk. You are a dangerous, unprincipled and unethical person.

You want people to live in fear, period. Not just of criminals, but of everyone and everything. I’ll bet you even think your god is something to be feared.

Your cite-free and quote-free fantasies about me are always interesting to read. Thanks for sharing your fever dreams!

You really haven’t paid attention to what I post, have you?

This is hilarious coming from the guy who routinely makes cite-free and quote-free wild accusations and characterizations about me!

I tried, but I see absolutely no reason to continue.

No; I haven’t. Contrary to what you want to believe, what you post isn’t worth paying attention to. I’ve wasted enough time with your unpleasant jerkishness today; bye.

The quality of replies to my posts will go up considerably now, I must thank iiandyiiii for enabling this and getting two of the biggest dipshits on the board to ignore me!

Don’t worry, I’m still here and still loving all of your manufactured fantasies about me. I look forward to reading your next one!

It’s funny, Steo, how every time I say something specific about you, I have a cite and an exact quote. And it’s funny, Steo, how whenever you say something specific about me, you never have a cite and an exact quote. Do you ever wonder why that is?

When my criticism is that you haven’t provided something, it’s a little hard to provide a cite for that. As you’d know if you understood the slightest thing about, well, understanding.

These are examples of the things you called me and accused me of (and much, much more), without a single quote or cite. That’s not “I haven’t provided something”, that’s very clear and direct accusations of behavior. Cite free and quote free, as usual for you. Just a little while ago today, in fact – you just posted this and now you’re pretending you haven’t made any clear and direct accusations or negative characterizations against me.

Because it’s all made up. You’re a liar or you’re hallucinating. Not sure which.

You are a fan of white people being able to shoot black people with impunity.

After reading your “contributions” to the thread in question I imagine you masturbate while watching the Rodney King beating and then you can’t get relief because you realize they didn’t kill him and despite the best efforts of your precious “justice” system two of your heroes actually were convicted of something eventually.

Nope, that’s why I’m glad that Arbery’s killers were correctly convicted. I’m a fan of people being able to defend themselves by whatever means necessary, and not facing persecution for doing so.

Do you, perhaps, think Rittenhouse’s attackers were black? It’s common enough in left wing circles when facts become irrelevant. I’m glad he was able to defend himself aginst those white men, it’s just a shame he had to go through a trial on top of that trauma.

And I don’t have heroes, as I implied earlier I don’t do worship.