Pitting Urbanredneck for making shit up and claiming it's facts

There’s no warning in that thread, just a mod note to avoid calling people racist outside of the Pit.

The moderator actually said this:

My interpretation of this note, which does not mention the Pit, is that the discussion had been about a legitimate topic, i.e. whether there is any protective benefit against Covid 19 to living in a 3rd world environment. To discuss such a topic requires discussing such countries, and while that could have been intended as some kind of dog whistle to racist feelings, it was not apparent up to that point.

Granted, the subject of this thread has probably poisoned his own well with a lot of ill-intentioned posts, but that does not automatically make every post of his ill-intentioned. One is right to be suspicious, but some facts ought to be in evidence in that thread to back up such a charge before it is made.

I’m trying to stay open-minded about the color of his neck.

I just wanted to thank you for that… so many of us hoped to see the last of those “Regards”; this one had just the right touch of irony and relief.

I’ve had him pegged as a troll for a while. He’s been on my Ignore list for a while, both him and his sock Charlie Wayne.

Isn’t he just doing what Trump, and almost every Republican these days, do?

We’re grateful to zoos that we can see giraffes or the courting rituals of monkeys without taking a trip to Africa. Shouldn’t we be grateful to Mr. Redneck and his ilk for doing their BMs here so that we can see how Republicans defecate without taking a trip to Crazytown or Flyoverland?

Jeez, I’d forgotten all about this thread.

I’d like to think we hold people to a slightly higher standard than the MSM holds Trumpublicans to.

Well, we still have to go to the zoos, which may or may not be open. It’s not like the elephants are in your backyard. (The real ones, not the people whose party uses them as a symbol. The latter are in my backyard - this county went something like 58% for Trump.) So yeah, click over to Redstate or somewhere if you want to see the nutcase bullshit coming from the right.

And again

Today’s pearl from Urbanredneck (pearl it that it is a pretty covering over an intolerable irritant).

In which he once again blames democrats for the actions of every violent person who is associated with the left, and demands sympathy for every cop who is denied the right to tear gas people without oversight. And in classic URN, his argument is once again the classic “Many people say…”. So once again, we PIT you with disgust URN.

Are we sure he isn’t $45 in disguise?

I could have sworn I read somewhere that the people chanting “We hope you die” were actually Trump supporters passing themselves off as antifa.

I can’t find the article so I don’t know how much stock one could put to that.

So many people are saying it? That’s good enough for me. I believe it.